Netflix: movie and series online, how it works

Netflix is ​​a “Streaming” service that allows you to watch series, documentaries, and movies. You will only need to have a stable Internet connection, have an account within the platform and you will be able to enjoy all the content for yourself, at any time of the day. In addition, you have various compatible devices, either through Smart TV, computer, Tablets or cell phones (both Android and iOS).

If you want to see all the content that this platform has for you, you just have to access its official page and create an account on it. Remember that you will have a free month of Netflix, after that time you will have to cancel a monthly payment to be able to use it. Similarly, it has different plans and highly accessible prices. In addition to this, you can also download and watch your favorite series and movies, without the need for an Internet connection.

How does it work

Netflix works as a streaming platform that allows you to view different content immediately, either through a Smart TV or mobile device connected to the Internet. To enjoy the service you need:

  • Register in the platform with your email and password. At the time of registration, you will be asked for information about your preferences in content genres, such as: adventure, romance, scientific, comedy, etc. This information is used by Netflix to make recommendations to users according to their tastes.
  • You must have an Internet connection with broadband or WIFI for a higher quality in the video. You must have a minimum connection speed of 0.5 megabits per second.
  • You have different compatible devices to view content on Netflix. Either through a Smart TV, cell phone, Tablet, computer, video game consoles, Blu-Ray players and with the help of decoders or Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, etc. You have many alternatives in your favor.


Netflix has a series of characteristics that are very important to highlight for a better understanding of the service in question. Therefore, you will see it detailed below:

  • Offline content downloads : The platform allows you to download content to view offline; It is an excellent alternative for you to view the movie or chapters of the series of your choice, whenever you decide.
  • Personalized content : In the registration process, you are asked for a lot of information about your personal tastes; These are used to send you titles that fit your interests. That is one of Netflix’s strategies to retain its subscribers and also attract more users.
  • Plans with affordable prices : For the construction of payment plans, the company takes into account the economic situation of each country and the quality of image display. Therefore, it offers plans of different types.
  • Exclusive content series: Given the reluctance of entertainment creators to authorize the viewing of their work through the Netflix platform; The company was forced to make its own productions, specifically series that have attracted an immense number of followers. These own contents stand out for the excellent scripts, actors and production.
  • Worldwide distribution: Netflix’s presence worldwide allows you to design your work considering the cultural customs of each country and, in this way, meets the expectations of subscribers’ preferences.


In addition to the general characteristics that the service offers, it is ideal to take into account the advantages or benefits that Neftlix has for you. Therefore, look at the following list:

  • The content is updated month by month, providing a variety of viewing options.
  • The user selects both the language of the audio and the subtitles.
  • If you are watching a series and want to skip to a movie, the system saves the record so that when you resume viewing the series, you will continue from the scene when you paused.
  • The content is not downloaded directly to your computer, therefore, it does not occupy the memory of these.
  • An option with exclusive content for children is available.
  • If the user is going to be in a place where there is no Internet service; You also have the option to download the content and view it later offline.
  • You are not restricted to a time to watch the series and movies of your interest.
  • The user enjoys the contents, in the place and on the day of their choice.
  • You do not run the risk of displaying defective content due to illegal downloads.
  • The user can withdraw from the service whenever he wishes, without paying anything extra for the disconnection.


  • The subscriber will never find movies on the billboard because this is basically a movie theater business. First, the feature film is released in movie theaters and then it goes to pay TV, movie sales – rental, and finally to broadcast TV.
  • As the content varies depending on the country where you reside, in some regions the offer will not be as varied and attractive, or it may take a while to present new options.

Compatible Devices

You can enjoy Netflix on different devices. First, the most chosen is from the Smart TV, as well as from a computer (be it Windows or Mac), through a mobile device or Tablet. If you have an Android device you can usethis link, in the case of iOS, occupies thisanother link.

In addition to these three methods, you can also access from a video game console or from Blu-Ray players. Even if you have a normal non-smart TV, you can watch Netflix with the help of a Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or Roku device. Which help to transmit the content of your mobile on TV. In addition to this, also use an HDMI cable.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free +

Alternatives to Netflix

If for any reason or situation you do not like the Netflix service, you have a series of alternatives to this platform. Which will be detailed below:

Amazon Prime Video

It is Amazon’s service to watch movies and series in streaming. It’s a free bonus for all registered Amazon Prime members. Like Neftflix, it handles the production of its own content, and is available on different computers. You can find it in yourofficial website, or through the mobile application (inAndroid oriOS ).

YouTube Premium

It is a paid YouTube service, where you can view original series and content produced by the same platform. Subscription toYoutube Premium includes the music streaming service and the possibility of using YouTube offline from the mobile device’s own application. With it, you don’t need an Internet connection to listen to music or enjoy videos. In addition, the ads that appear commonly are removed.


Is a platform with unlimited access to box office films, videos and documentaries. HBO Go allows up to two simultaneous streaming connections. HBO original content can be viewed on HBO Go and is not available on any other platform. Example, the most watched series of all time “Game of Thrones”.

HBO Go also has a varied catalog of content that includes Hollywood films, independent films, documentaries, short films and late night shows. The application can be downloaded to a mobile, tablet or computer; Also, it is accessed through HBO television.


Its creator is Reed Hastings, born in Boston Massachusetts on October 8, 1960. He studied at Stanford University where he graduated as a Computer Engineer in 1988, and then completed a postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. His work experience begins working as a programmer at Adaptive Technology, and later creating his own company called Pure Software.

Red Hastings was always a movie buff, and his experience with renting a late-returned movie from Blockbuster made him ponder the idea of ​​how video-amateurs could rent movies with no deadline limits and no extra payments for delays in return.

Hastings, then, makes the decision to launch his company and co-founded Netflix in 1997 together with his friend Marc Randolph. The following year, they launched the new platform, offering three services that movie rental video stores did not have at the time:

  • Movies could be rented by mail from the comfort of home.
  • A monthly rent was paid for access to an unlimited number of DVDs.
  • They did not oblige extra payments for late deliveries.

For three years, Hastings toils at his “online video store,” as he watches the massive expansion in Internet use. And it is for the year 2000, when he decides to present a proposal to Blockbuster to merge both companies, in order to adapt them to technological changes. Company managers rejected the proposal.

Despite Blockbuster’s rejection, Hastings continues on in its mission and, in 2008, Netflix achieved worldwide recognition, offering streaming through the Xbox360, Blu-Ray disc players and TV set-top boxes. 2013, based on its big data, Netflix launched its first series: “House of Cards”, starting a successful career in the field of film and series production. Currently, Netflix is one of the leaders in the entertainment industry.

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