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If you have a Netflix account, you need to access it to start taking advantage of its benefits. However, many times there can be difficulties when logging into Netflix, either because of not finding the option, not having the application downloaded or simply because of some problems in the account. On the other hand, the “My Account” section could sometimes be difficult to find.

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To enter Netflix and enjoy all the contents:
SIGN IN – Netflix
To enter the ” My account ” section and modify options
MY ACCOUNT – Netflix
(Remember that you can always access from the official site )
Problems? Keep reading this article.

Netflix is a service whose main segment is streaming movies and series, it is present on a multitude of platforms from which you can access your account through the official site ( ). There is no doubt that most users log in from the mobile application (available for Android or iOS) or from the web platform accessible from the browser, while other users use their smart TV or a video game console to log in. .

Here at MundoCuentas we will help you access your account and solve more frequent login problems.

Sign in to Netflix from PC

Accessing Netflix from your computer is very simple, since you only need an updated browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and then access the official website. Then you just need a good internet connection to enjoy your favorite movie or series without interruptions. Next we will mention the steps to log in:

  1. Accede to from your browser.
  2. Enter your email and password in the form that appears. Instead of your email you can also enter your phone number linked to your account.
  3. Press the ” Login ” button .
    Example image to fill in the login fields of the service website
  4. Select the Netflix profile from which you want to access the account.
  5. Enjoy your favorite series or movie!

Once inside, all you have to do is select a title available on the platform and start enjoying the content in question.

Sign in to Netflix from Android or iOS

If you want to enjoy Netflix from your mobile device with Android or iOS operating system, either tablet or smartphone, you must first download the application since Netflix is ​​not available for mobile browsers. Here are the steps to log into Netflix from the app.

  1. Download the official app.
    1. Android :

  • iOS :
    Developer: Netflix, Inc.
    Price: Free +

  • Enter your email address and password on the login screen.
  • Press the red ” Login ” button .
  • Choose one of the profiles registered in the account.
  • Once these steps have been followed, you will be able to enjoy the best series and movies available on Netflix from the comfort of your mobile device.

    I can’t log into Netflix!

    At the time of logging in, there may be some problems that will prevent you from doing so. Without a doubt the most frequent is the problem of password loss, but don’t worry! Most login issues are fixable.

      If you get a warning when trying to log in that your password is incorrect, you may need to recover your account. To do this, access our guide on how to recover a Netflix account or, directly access the help section to log in from
      You can enter the phone number registered in your account instead of the email address. If you don’t remember this information either, theNetflix login wizard will help you regain access to your account.
      If you think someone else has changed the email address registered in your account, you can contact Netflix support by accessing and then pressing the “Live Chat” button. A technical support agent will assist you quickly and in Spanish.
      If when you log in you get the notice “Renew your subscription” instead of selecting profiles, perhaps there was an error with the payment of your subscription and you will have to update the payment information. You can do it from and then modify the options in “Membership and billing”.

    Those are just some of the problems that can appear when logging into Netflix. If you run into any other problem you can contact Netflix technical support (free and in Spanish) through a call or live chat, accessing the link and pressing the “Live Chat” or “Call us” button.

    Netflix regional domains

    The Netflix company has endeavored to acquire a domain (extension of an address or web page) for each country in which it is located. Some of the countries that have their own Netflix domain are:

    • Spain : From this country you can access the address
    • Peru : In the case of Peru, you can enter the service from and
    • Argentina : In the case of Argentina, users can access from
    • Mexico : In this country you can access the service from the domain as well as from, since Mexico has both domain extensions.
    • Colombia : You can access from or
    • Venezuela : The official domain of Netflix in Venezuela is the following:

    These are just some of the countries where Netflix is ​​located, they concentrate the majority of users in Latin America and Spain. Keep in mind that even if you access regional Netflix (for example,, the login will be done from to this Wikipedia article, Netflix is ​​in virtually any country in the world, except for a few that cannot do business with the United States.

    Recommendations for logging in

    As with any service, it is necessary that you follow some recommendations so that the login to your Netflix account is secure and you do not suffer an account theft in the future. Here are some helpful tips to keep your account protected.

    • Change your password regularly : it is necessary to keep your password updated for greater security. You can follow our guide on how to change Netflix password.
    • If it’s not your device, log out after using the service : many users make the mistake of logging in on unknown devices and not logging out when finished, so their accounts are used by third parties. If this is your case, you can close the active sessions from the section “My account “.
    • Uncheck “Remember Me” at Login : The “Remember Me” feature on the login screen for your computer is used to save your password after login. Uncheck it if it’s not your computer!
    • Install an antivirus or antimalware : there are malicious programs that record everything entered on the keyboard, which is why it is always advisable to have an antivirus or antimalware installed to always be protected.
    • Do not share your password with strangers : if you share your password with people you do not know, they can change it and stay in control of your account, even keeping the payment information.
    • Keep your payment method updated : to avoid the notice that the subscription has expired, always keep your payment information updated.

    By following these recommendations, you will be able to access your account without problems whenever you want.

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