How to make money on YouTube

Every day thousands of aspiring influencers join YouTube, who are looking for a way to become famous and earn money, as this is what the stars show on this platform. However, there are also companies, media, entrepreneurs and hundreds of users making good profits in their respective niches, completely varying the form, but not so much the methods, since there are many options and alternatives to monetize your channel.

On the one hand, YouTube has AdSense, an advertising and ad system that Google offers in many of its services and with which you can have a good income per month, depending on your country. But in addition to this option, there are other ways to exploit your channel, although you need to work hard and offer quality content, which will be what will attract users in the end. Here are some ways to make money on YouTube right away.

AdSense: ads on your videos

This is perhaps the most recommended and easiest way to start making money with YouTube. In fact, it is the main one you should start with to get a solid foundation while you grow and generate content. However, in order to activate this option, your account must have 4,000 hours of reproductions in 12 months, plus a sum of 1,000 subscribers or more. Upon meeting these requirements, you can head over to the channel settings and submit the AdSense request.

In that sense, the experience will have an impact in the near future, but you must learn about Marketing, to write magnetic and attractive titles, as well as discover how you can make videos that are related to your theme. Why? Well, by having a well-defined channel, you will be able to obtain a mass of subscribers who are there because they have been moved or excited by the content of your videos.

The earnings with AdSense will grow, since they depend on factors such as the popularity of your channel, the number of reproductions you manage to reach, the total subscribers you get, among other things. But you must bear in mind that this is not the most profitable method, since in Latin American countries or in Spain less profits are obtained than in the United States, so you must also learn how to make money on YouTube along with other alternatives.

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Affiliate marketing: advertising produced by you

Affiliate Marketing is probably the best way to monetize your YouTube channel that you will see, since it allows you to make a profit when someone buys a product or service that you yourself recommend. Have you seen those YouTubers making Unboxing videos or showing you something they bought? Well, this is an affiliate marketing strategy, where you will show all the positive points of the product and invite visitors to purchase it.

But it is not that simple. To do this, you must subscribe to affiliate services such as those offered by AliExpress or Amazon (there are many more) and then request to join their respective affiliate programs by uploading a link from your channel. If their creators are accepted, then you can choose any product from their stores and then generate a link with a code that will identify you. You must paste it in the description of the promotional video and invite users to click there.

In that sense, when someone is captivated by your recommendation, and then clicks on the link for your invitation, they can buy the product and you will get a commission that ranges between 5% and 75%, depending on the offer. But for this it is recommended that the advertised products go according to the theme of your channel, are immersed in the plot of your video, and that people buy exclusively with your link, otherwise the company will have no way to pay you for the advertisement.

Note: we call it “advertising produced by you” because it will be you who will promote the product or service and you will have to create, design, edit and present it on your own.

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Selling and promoting your own services

Another amazing way to make a lot of money on YouTube is by selling your own stuff. To do this, you must create videos that offer users an entertaining, dynamic and different content, especially original to stand out among the competition (and there is a lot). As you build your brand and gain more subscribers, in your videos you have the opportunity to promote any of the products or services you sell, adding links to acquire them.

Here you will not depend on the earnings of affiliate links, but on the actual purchases made by subscribers according to what you are marketing yourself, an important opportunity to grow and monetize your channel. In fact, many YouTubers have decided to launch books, makeup collections, perfumes, clothing lines, among other things and we see how they offer them to us in a way that is related to the themes of their videos. A strategic marvel!

But it is very important that everything is closely related, because that way you will be able to attract subscribers. How? If you dedicate yourself to making gameplays or reviews of popular video games, then you should sell products related to this theme, such as consoles, appropriate POP material (T-shirts, caps, mugs, books, etc. ), and advertise it a lot on social networks together with a title that forces people to click and watch the video.

Linking your different platforms

There are those who manage to squeeze much more their YouTube channels in conjunction with web pages that are related to the subject. An example of them are tutorial sites, which often write articles for their web pages, and at the end add a video so that users can be guided. At the same time, when they find the video from YouTube, you invite them to visit the written and detailed version on your website. This allows you to generate traffic from two sides and earn money.

How? If your website already has affiliate links, you can add many more products to the same article and get good profits, thanks to the visits you get from YouTube. Remember that in the description of the videos you should not add so many links and it is easier to generate banners from websites – and more attractive for potential buyers. That is why the profits will double and even triple, according to the number of visits you manage to reach.

Keep in mind that a web page is not the only linked platform. In fact, you can also link a social network such as Instagram, which currently allows us to add monetized tags in the post, as well as give users a door to know more about a certain service or product and how they can purchase it or communicate with sellers -That can be you or not.

Memberships: the exclusivity of your channel

This point is perfect if you have a very popular channel or if you are offering content that users really want to see, why? Because the YouTube membership system allows you to add an additional button to your channel, which means that your subscribers can pay to see totally exclusive content and that free users cannot, for example : more chapters on a series that you are producing, unique videos with some secrets etc.

However, you have to be realistic: if you are starting with a channel and you do not have content with significant relevance (followed by advertisements in different media and social networks), people will hardly want to pay for a membership (Sponsorship) on YouTube. For this reason, it is recommended to activate this alternative when you have a solid base of subscribers and when you are sure that people want to see your content at any cost.

You should also keep in mind that this is not a free service for you. It is also not very expensive, but YouTube will charge you a commission to activate the memberships button on your channel, something that can also limit you if you are just starting out in the world of monetizing videos on this platform.

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Monetized links

You have probably looked for a tutorial on YouTube, and you noticed that the driver invites you to download some important program or material by clicking on the link in the description. But when we click, it takes us to an endless chain of ads where we have to wait up to 5 seconds to skip them and so on until we reach the promised site. These are monetized links and you can earn money for every click that users make.

This is a quick way – and somewhat annoying for subscribers – to earn money, since platforms like (there are many more) allow you to monetize any link, as long as it is yours, and accumulate profits with each visit. Best of all, you don’t need to invest and if you use method 4 of linked platforms, you can also generate links to the written versions of your website.

In fact, there are many reasons why you can monetize your channel in this way and it is recommended for those who are just starting out, even if the profit share is very small at the beginning. Maybe you will not get a fortune, but adding to the other alternatives of how to make money on YouTube, you have the opportunity to accumulate good income. Of course, this method can also drive users away from your channel if you abuse the links.

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