How to enter or log in to Disney Plus

To log in to Disney Plus you just need to have your email address and the password with which you registered on the website. Then, the process to enter the platform is extremely simple and fast, regardless of where you decide to access, either from its official portal, the mobile app, a video game console or from a Smart TV.

In view of this, in this article you will find how to access Disney Plus from any computer with access to this streaming platform. Once you log in, you can save the data on the device so you don’t have to re-enter it. In fact, it is advisable to do this if you use equipment for personal use. Now, if you use external devices, it is advised to log out once you have finished using your account.

From the web

Disney Plus users often use the web platform to view content from the computer. Therefore, here you will see how to log into Disney Plus from its website :

  1. Open the Disney Plus website through thislink.
  2. Press ” Login “.
  3. Enter your email and press ” Continue “.
  4. Enter your password and press ” Login “. You will automatically see all the content available on Disney +.

Note: If Disney Plus services are not yet available in your country, you can use a VPN to change your IP address and access the website. However, to see the content available, you must subscribe with a credit card from the country in which you are connected.

From the app

If you have the mobile application on your Smartphone, you can also log in only with your email and password. These are the steps you must take to enter Disney Plus on your Android or iOS device :

  1. Open the Disney Plus app. You can download it for Android phones through thislink and for iOS devices by pressing thislink.

  • Go to ” Login “.
  • Write your email and click ” Continue “.
  • Enter your password and select ” Login.” By doing this last step you will be in the Disney Plus catalog.
  • From Xbox or PlayStation

    If you have a console that supports the Disney Plus application, then the procedure to perform is easier. You just have to have a good Internet connection, enter the Official Store of the PlayStation or Xbox One (of any model) and download Disney + to start watching the content from this computer.

    Then, the platform will ask you for your email and password. Enter them and wait for your account information to start loading. Once you are inside you can save the data so you do not log in to Disney Plus again. In this way, you will only directly choose the content you want to play.

    From a Smart TV

    The first step you must take before logging in to Disney Plus from a Smart TV is to check that it has the necessary components to play said content. That is, you must have Internet access and an Official store (which will vary according to the brand of television) where you can download the streaming site.

    Once it has been downloaded, to log into Disney + from your Smart TV, you just have to enter your email and password . In case you don’t have a smart TV, you also have the option to use the “ Google Chromecast ” because you only need to have this device, have the app on your PC or mobile device and connect it through the HDMI cable to the TV to start to configure it and have access to Disney Plus.

    As you can see, the process to enter or log in to Disney Plus will vary a bit according to the device you use. However, on any computer you must have your email and password to start viewing all the content of the platform. Once you log in to any of the devices that have been mentioned, you will have the option to save your data so that you do not have to re-enter it when you want to use the platform.


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