How to download or extract subtitles from YouTube videos

To download YouTube video subtitles you can use online sites such as DownSub, YouSubtitles or VidPaw. Similarly, you have downloadable programs on your computer with which you can save both the subtitles and the video of your choice. However, it should be mentioned that the videos from which the subtitles will be extracted on YouTube, should not be incorporated directly into the video, that is, they have to be activated from the platform.

When choosing a download or extraction option (with the exception of YouTube), you can choose the download format between SRT (the most recognized), TXT and VTT. After downloading them, you will have the opportunity to add them to your video using a player that allows access to the types of formats that have been mentioned. This way you will be able to enjoy your subtitled videos, or you will add the reading file to a previously edited video.

Online tools

There are certain platforms that manage to extract subtitles from YouTube videos, quickly and easily. This section will explain the necessary steps to get the subtitles from YouTube. Likewise, three online tools will be detailed with which you can download and save these files in the language of your choice from various video pages.


It is one of the most popular websites for its speed and easy handling. It does not require registration, subscription or software download, since it is available on the Internet to download subtitles from YouTube, Viki, Vlive, VIU, and other platforms. The steps you must take to obtain the subtitles will be explained below:

  1. Go to “DownSub ”, put the URL in the corresponding bar and click“ Download ”.
  2. Choose the format you want to download. The automatic download will begin on your computer.


It is a page that allows you to download, online, both the video and the subtitles in any language. It works in the same way as DownSub, although it has the option to download the subtitle in the language of your preference even when it is not configured or included in the YouTube video. This is the procedure to extract the subtitles:

  1. Opens “VidPaw ”and enter the URL of the video. Then, click on “ Download.”
  2. Under ” Automatically generated closing captions” press ” More “.
  3. Select the language you need and click on ” Download “.


It has the same download process as VidPaw. You just have to enter the corresponding URL of the video and wait for the page to divide the video format and the subtitles with their respective translations. Provides more than 30 available languages ​​and handles the following download procedure:

  1. Access the page of “YouSubtitles ”, paste the link of the video whose subtitles you want to extract and press“ Download ”.
  2. Choose the language of your preference and select ” Download “.


This platform has a voice recognition that allows to identify each word said in the video playback. Among its advantages it has to see the transcript completely or in periods of seconds. With this tool you can extract subtitles from video through YouTube, as follows:

  1. Go to YouTube, find a video with subtitles and press the three horizontal dots located next to the “Save” button. Choose ” Open transcript.”
  2. Press the three vertical dots and press the option ” Activate or deactivate timestamps “.
  3. Select all the text, right-click and click ” Copy.”
  4. Paste the text into a Word or TXT document.

Installation programs

There are also programs that are downloaded to the computer to function as a subtitle and video extraction application. The only difference is that you will not have to access a web page, but you will need a good Internet connection. Otherwise, the procedure for downloading the files is exactly the same.


It is a downloadable program for both Windows and Mac systems. With this you will have the option to save the video you chose in any quality, and in turn, you can download the subtitles that are included. You just have to enter the link of the video, wait for the download options to appear and select in what quality you want the video and in which language you want the subtitle. You can download the software through thislink.


It works in the same way as 4kDownloader, because you just have todownload the program on your computer, enter the URL of the video, select the quality and check the “Download subtitles” box. The last thing you should do is choose the folder where you want both the video and the subtitle to be stored. And voila, with a few simple steps you can get both the video and the subtitles you need.

Download VLC Media Player

The saved subtitles work to incorporate them into already edited or downloaded videos. For this you require a special program, and among the most recommended is VLC Media Player. You maydownload the player to your computer, open the corresponding video and look for the “Subtitles” tab to start adding those files that you have previously saved.

As you have observed, you have multiple tools to download YouTube subtitles. The procedure is similar on all pages and programs, so you just have to make sure that the copied video has the subtitles built in. Note that if these are part of the video, they cannot be downloaded in the detailed tools.

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