How to delete or delete a YouTube video

Today you will learn how to delete or delete a YouTube video quickly and easily. This is a necessary action when we upload a video and then we realize that it has information that may be sensitive, or you simply don’t want that video on your channel anymore for whatever reason.

This is a simple procedure for which you will be required to be on your YouTube channel duly logged in with the corresponding Google account. At the end we will give you the guidelines of what you should do in case you want to delete the video of another user, that is, from a channel that does not belong to you.

From PC

Let’s see how to delete a YouTube video. Follow the next steps:

  1. Enter YouTube duly logged in with the corresponding Google account. In case you have several channels, you must go to the channel where you have the video you want to delete. To choose the corresponding account or channel, you just have to click on your avatar, on the top right, to display the menu, click on Change account and choose the one that corresponds to the channel where the video to be deleted is located.
  2. Once you are in the corresponding account, you go back to the drop-down menu and click on My channel.
  3. Now you choose the YOUTUBE STUDIO (BETA) button option. This is 2019, so the word “BETA” may no longer exist in 2020 or later.
  4. Now in the left panel you click on Videos. You will see that all your videos that you have on that channel appear.
  5. You proceed to place the mouse over the marked video. You will see that it is highlighted in gray and a 3-dot context menu appears.
  6. You must click on the 3 points and choose the option ” Delete permanently “. A pop-up window will appear asking for verification of this action. You just have to check ☑ “I understand that this action is permanent and cannot be undone” and you click are DEFINITELY DELETE.

This is the right way on how to delete YouTube videos 2019. You must take into consideration that it is an irreversible action so you will have to make a backup of your video before deleting it in case you do not have it saved on your PC and you want to make improvements.

From the cellphone

In this case we will use the YouTube application that you have on your smartphone. The steps are very similar to the previous case. Here is the way to do it step by step from your mobile:

  1. Enter the application and load the home screen. Now go to your profile icon, top right of the screen. Select ” Your channel ” among the options displayed.
  2. You will see the Videos option in the main menu . Selecting this option will bring up the playlist of the videos.
  3. On the right side of all the videos will be the menu of the 3 dots. Press the one of the video you need to delete and choose the Delete option . Then the screen will appear asking for confirmation. You just give OK and with that you delete that video forever.

These are the two ways to delete a YouTube video from my channel, either on PC or mobile. It is a very easy procedure that only requires that you own the channel account.

Delete video from another account

You cannot delete a video from a channel that is not yours unless you are a hacker. But it is possible that you are being the victim of someone who stole a video or “borrowed” it from your channel, thus violating your copyright. In this case, you must report your case to YouTube by following the steps below:

  1. Play the plagiarized video.
  2. Select the 3 dots button.
  3. Then you must click on Report. There a pop-up window will appear where you will begin the reporting process to YouTube. Follow the steps in steps on the screen, choosing the case that best suits your situation until you finish with the DENOUNCE option .

This is an alternative of how to delete a YouTube video of another user who is using your videos without prior consent. In the end, it will be YouTube that makes the final decision when reviewing your allegations.

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