How to delete a Netflix account or unsubscribe

To delete a Netflix account you just have to enter your profile icon and press the ” Account ” option followed by the ” Cancel membership ” button. If you enter the platform through its website, you will see the button just below the ” Membership and billing ” section. If you search for it through the mobile application, you must slide the options until you find that action. Once you press it, a confirmation question will be asked to delete the account.

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide. It has different plans and the rates are adapted to the benefits that you want to obtain. In the event that the monthly membership fee cannot be canceled any longer or if you are dissatisfied with the service, in this post you will find the steps you must follow to delete a Netflix account from the website, mobile application or a Smart TV.

From the website

If you use your computer, you can delete the Netflix account from the website or delete the profiles that you have added to it. In view of this, the procedures to be followed will be explained in the following sections.

Delete an account

The procedure to delete a Netflix account from its web platform is really simple. You just have to follow the steps that will be detailed below:

  1. Enter Netflix through thislink. If you have previously logged in, then go directly to thislink for you to access ” Finish cancellation “.
  2. Enter your profile.
  3. Click on your profile image and click on ” Account “.
  4. Press ” Cancel membership “.
  5. Press ” Finish cancellation “.

Note: it should be noted that the Netflix account will be permanently deleted after 10 months. If you enter your profile in this period of time, you will be able to recover the favorite series and movies that you have saved, the viewing preferences and all the details that were included in it.

Delete a profile

Netflix offers the option of adding multiple profiles to the same account thanks to its shared screens. Therefore, if you only want to delete a profile from the Netflix account through its web portal, these are the steps you should take:

  1. Go to Netflix through thislink.
  2. Click on ” Manage profiles “.
  3. Press the pencil icon on the profile you want to delete.
  4. Select ” Delete Profile.”
  5. A confirmation question will appear. If you are sure that this is the profile to delete, press ” Delete profile “.

From the app

Netflix also has a mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. Through it you can also delete your Netflix account or manage the profiles that are added to it.

Delete an account

The Netflix application offers greater comfort and convenience to quickly manage the account from your mobile device. Therefore, if you want to know how to delete the Netflix account through the app, you just have to follow the steps that will be mentioned:

  1. Download Netflix on your smart device. If you have an Android Smartphone , you must use thislink. Now if you have an iOS device then this is thedownload link.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free +

  • Sign in.
  • Press your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select ” Account.”
  • Swipe and look for ” Cancel Membership.”
  • Click on ” Finish cancellation “.
  • Note: in case you want Netflix to delete your account before the 10-month margin, you must write an email to through the email that you associated with the platform account.

    Delete a profile

    You also have the option to delete a Netflix profile using the mobile app. To do this, carry out the procedure that will be detailed below:

    1. Open Netflix on your mobile device.
    2. If you have not logged into your account, the “Who is watching now? ”. Press the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. Now, click on the pencil icon on the profile to delete.
    4. Go to ” Delete Profile “.
    5. In the confirmation question, choose ” Delete profile “.

    Note: if you have already logged into your account, then you must click on your profile image and look for the ” Account ” option . Then you will see a section that says ” Manage profiles.” Press that button and press the pencil icon on the profile you want to delete. After this step, the procedure is the same as mentioned above.

    From a Smart TV

    If you have a smart TV and you have downloaded the Netflix application or it was previously included, then you can also delete your account or delete a profile from the platform using a Smart TV. The steps are similar to those of deleting the Netflix account from the website, therefore you only have to follow the following route: ” Log in> Account> Cancel membership> Finish cancellation “.

    If you are looking to manage the account profiles through a Smart TV, then you must press the pencil icon that is located in the upper right corner. From then on, the steps are the same as those mentioned throughout the article.

    As you can see, the procedure to delete a Netflix account from the website, the mobile app or a Smart TV is not complicated. In fact, you only need to have your membership data, Internet access and the device through which it is more comfortable to perform the steps that have been explained above. Remember that you will have a 10-month margin to recover your account in case you regret executing this decision.

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