How to create an account or sign up for Netflix

The way television is watched has changed a lot in the last few years or in the last decade. Since people prefer to opt for  streaming platforms to be able to enjoy the best possible content, which is not always free.

We  can now watch series, films, programs and documentaries even on the screen of our smartphone. As long as we have access to the internet, because currently activities require internet. Another of the essential characteristics of streaming services is that  they do not have advertising of any kind, because they follow the subscription model  .

Netflix has been one of the great promoters of the streaming service, it is the most popular today. It has thousands and thousands of contents, which can be viewed from a smartphone, tablet, computer, console or a Smart TV.

Create a Netflix account on PC

Creating an account is extremely simple when this procedure is performed from a computer. For this you will only need to have an email, phone number and have your credit or debit card details.

  1. Enter the official page : First access the official page that can be directly through this link: . The page will redirect you to the version for your country. On the main page you see a red button that says Try now , you click on it.
  2. Choose a subscription plan : A process will begin in which what you must do first is choose the plan , for this you must click on the red button that says  See Plans . There are three options: Basic, Standard and Premium . Choose the one that is within your budget and suits your needs.
  3. Complete your emails and choose a password : Once you have chosen the right plan for you, the next step is to fill out a form with your email and password . Avoid using the same one that you use for your email.
  4. Choose payment method : As you will notice, Netflix has several very secure options to pay for your subscription. How to create a Netflix account is quite simple until this step. At an international level, it is possible to pay with Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as it is possible to use gift cards or in some countries, payment with debit cards and PayPal is available.
  5. Complete the payment form : When choosing to pay by card, you only have to complete all the information according to what is on the plastic: name of the holder, card number, expiration date and security code. In the case of using a gift card, you will only have to enter the code on the back. After this, you will be able to log into Netflix from any platform.
  6. Enjoy Netflix!

How to create a Netflix account from Android or iOS

The process to create an account on Netflix from a mobile device can follow the same guidelines that were given for PC. Only that would be using the mobile browser. As you know, there is an official app from which you can create an account on Netflix.

This procedure is applicable for devices that come with the Android operating system, as well as those with iOS. It’s nothing to freak out about, everything is pretty straightforward up to this point.

  1. Download the official application : The first of the steps that must be carried out is to search for the application according to the operating system of your smartphone or tablet. In this case, if it is Android, you would need to go toGoogle Play . If you have a device that is iOS, you must access theAppstore .
    • Google Play : you must do this procedure directly on your mobile device. You have to click on the green “Install” button and then you have to accept all the permissions that the application requires in order to function.

  • App Store : if you have an iPhone or iPad, the process is too simple and similar to the Play Store. You have to go to the app file, then just press the download button and you have to confirm the download with your password or fingerprint.
    Developer: Netflix, Inc.
    Price: Free +

  • Create an account on Netflix : Once you have the application. It should be started and immediately you will see a red button with the text Join Now or Join Free for a Month. By clicking on it, it will immediately take you to another screen where you can continue the process of creating an account.
  • Choose a plan : Basic, Standard or Premium. They range from $ 9.99 to about $ 15. Among the benefits are access to all content, enjoy in HD resolution or up to 4K.
  • Once the plan selection is made, the next thing is to fill in the form with email and password. For this you must make an alphanumeric combination to guarantee the Netflix account that you have just created.
  • Choose a payment method  that can be by credit or debit card, gift card or PayPal. There may be another method in your country, you can also choose it. The most common is to use a bank card. With this, you only have to fill in the payment form with the card details, which is name, number, expiration date and CVV.
  • Confirm the payment : Once you have finished with all this process, what you must do is confirm the payment so that the account has access to all the content. You can access from any of the available versions of the Netflix app: Android, iOS, Windows, mac OS, Smart TV, among others.
  • I have to mention that after this process, all you have to do is click on the Login button  and thus it is possible to access the best series, movies, documentaries, TV shows, anime and a lot of recent content and all the time.

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