How to clear YouTube search or view history

The search history of YouTube or any other platform, is a list of suggestions based on your recent activity on the web. Which saves time by avoiding typing the same phrases over and over again, it is stored when you log into your account. It can be deleted at any time, so that all the data saved in your profile disappear.

This is possible from the YouTube settings menu and you can do it from your mobile or computer, since it is a quick process that will not take more than a few minutes. You can also prevent the platform from continuing to store your search intentions, so you won’t have to erase your history over and over again.

From the computer

In general, the cell phone is the most comfortable way to carry out any activity on the web today. However, many prefer to use the computer, as the content can be better viewed thanks to a larger screen. That is why the first method to use to explain how to delete YouTube search or suggestion history will be the desktop version of the web.

The first step will be to log into the web, then follow the instructions shown below:

  1. Click on the icon with the three horizontal bars located in the upper left corner, next to the YouTube logo.
  2. Select ” History ” from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will advance to a new page where you can view the history of reproductions. To switch to the search archive press ” Search History ” in the right side menu.
  4. You will be shown the list of phrases or terms that you have searched for from your profile. To delete it completely, click on ” Delete all search history “.
    Note : You can also remove specific search terms or phrases by clicking the “X” next to the search title.
  5. Confirm your decision by clicking ” Clear search history “.
  6. Please wait while the process finishes. Once you have done all the search terms you have had, they will have disappeared.

From the phone

Something you should know is that, when you delete YouTube search history from your computer, it will disappear from all devices linked to your account within the platform. However, if you prefer to do the process from your mobile, these are the steps you must follow:

  1. Enter the application from your phone and click on your profile image, top right, to display the side menu.
  2. Select ” Settings.”
  3. Press ” History and privacy ” in the options of the list.
  4. Press ” Clear search history.”
  5. Confirm your decision by pressing ” Clear search history ” once more.
  6. When you are done with the process, all your history will have been deleted.

Clear watch history

You may want to leave your activity log completely blank, so you are looking for how to delete your YouTube watch history. Well, you should know that the steps to do so are exactly the same as those required to delete the search file from the platform settings menu.

However, you should press ” Clear all play history ” instead of selecting the one mentioned in the previous steps. Then simply confirm your decision and you are done. It is worth mentioning that this applies to both devices (cell phone and PC).

Pause watch history

In case you want to prevent YouTube from continuing to save your search intentions and playlists, you have the option to pause the history within the platform. By doing so, you will order the website to stop storing information about the activity in your account.

To do this, simply repeat the steps and click on ” Pause the history of reproductions ” or ” Pause the history of searches ” as appropriate. This is an action that you can reverse at any time, following the process again and clicking on the “Resume” option.

Other methods

In case you don’t want to pause your YouTube search or watch history, there is a trick you can use to avoid storing information on your account. By entering the web in “Incognito mode” you will prevent any activity you do on the Internet from being recorded, including the history of websites visited during the day.

To do this you just have to click on the icon with the three dots located in the upper right corner of the browser and select ” New incognito window “. In this way you will be sure that your playlists or search commands on YouTube will not be saved.

After that, you will notice that deleting the search history on YouTube is extremely simple and practical, no one else will see the content of your searches if you require it. In addition, you will find a way to do it in a timely manner for a specific search or only what happens within a certain period of time. The decision is in your hands.

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