How to change Spotify plan

Needs change over time and according to personal or professional growth. For this reason, many companies anticipate these changes and offer promotions for all tastes and ages. In view of this , Spotify has a series of Premium plans with which you can enjoy the platform alone, with someone or with your family. In case you want to know the process to change the Spotify plan, keep reading this article.

Here you will find all the details about the subscriptions offered by the platform, as well as the process to change plans in case you need it. Regardless of which membership you belong to, the procedure is similar for all plans. In addition, each plan will indicate both the price and the benefits to obtain once you acquire them. Also at any time you can cancel the plan you purchased and return to Spotify Free.

Steps to follow

To change plans on Spotify you must first have purchased one. In general, most people buy the Premium subscription to evaluate the benefits on the platform. Over time and according to needs, they usually change to the Duo Plan or the Family Plan, although this process can also happen in the opposite way. Regardless of which is the case, the following steps will explain how to change the Spotify Premium Plan to any other plan:

  1. Open your Spotify account and go to your ” Account “.
  2. Click on ” Account overview “.
  3. Click on the ” Change plan ” button.
  4. Choose the plan you want to switch to and pressSelect.”
  5. Choose the payment method.

During this process you should have your credit card on hand , as you will have to enter it into the platform only to guarantee that you have a payment method. The subscription will be charged automatically after the first month of trial as long as you do not cancel it before this period of time.

Spotify plans

The plans of this application are adapted to the tastes and preferences of many people. They include promotions and offers which are cheap and competitive compared to any other music streaming platform. In this section you will find the necessary information for each plan and what they offer according to the monthly rates. You will also find the access link in case you want to purchase a specific plan.


It is the classic Premium membership offered by Spotify. It is a subscription for a single person with which you can enjoy songs and playlists without any type of advertising. In addition, you will have the opportunity to download all the songs you prefer or listen to them without any type of connection. It is worth $ 9.99 ( $ 10), offers the first month free and you can cancel it at any time.

Premium Duo

This plan has 2 special Premium accounts for couples who live in the same house. As well as the Individual account, couples will be able to listen to music without any type of advertising and when they do not have an Internet connection. One detail to consider is that they will have Duo Mix, which is a playlist for two, which will be updated with the songs of your choice. It costs $ 12.99 ( $ 13) and it also has the first month free. You can buy it by clickinghere.

Family plan

If you have a large family and live at the same address, they can purchase this Spotify Family Premium plan for only $ 14.99 ($ 15) and with the first month free. It is an account in which you can add 5 more members, who must reside at the same address as the person who hired the service.

From time to time Spotify will request to verify and verify the location by GPS and in case it does not match it will block the account. With it you can also listen to music without Internet access and will have Family Mix, a playlist for the family that will be updated periodically.

University Plan

It’s a subscription for university students with the same benefits as the individual account but with the difference that it will have a special discount of up to 50%. It will have one month free and costs $ 4.99 ($ 5) per month. It is necessary to remember that these prices are adjustable according to the country of locality where the service is contracted.

Return to Spotify Free

If you can’t continue to cancel your subscriptions, you can return to your free Spotify account whenever you need to. This process is simple and you can do it both on the computer and on your Smartphone. If you want to do this process, take a look at these steps:

  1. Go to ” Available plans “.
  2. Swipe down to locate the Spotify Free account. SelectCancel Premium “. You will automatically cancel your Premium account.

As you can see, Spotify has different subscriptions that adapt to the demands of the people who require the service. For this reason, the process to change the Spotify plan in case you need to improve your benefits has been explained in this article. Likewise, the platform understands the difficulties that can arise when canceling subscriptions and therefore offers to return to the free account when required.

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