How to activate a cut off DIRECTV receiver

There are a number of reasons why someone may have a DirecTV receiver that is cut or no longer in use. The process for its activation is not complicated, but it will be necessary to take into consideration various aspects such as: if the receiver has an identification or if he has an access card. It may even be active, but having trouble establishing a connection to the antenna signal.

In this guide, you will be able to find all the basic information necessary to activate a cut DirecTV receiver. Starting with knowing the procedure to follow and the requirements that the equipment must meet. Likewise, it will be necessary to know what the different error codes that are shown on the screen of many users mean and what are the tricks to reconnect the DirecTV signal.

By phone

One of the simplest methods for activating a DirecTV receiver is through a call to customer service. For this, you must have available certain data necessary for activation, which are:

  • The access card number.
  • The identification of the recipient.
  • The team model.

Once you have all the requirements, you can call the customer service number corresponding to your country to contact an operator and activate your DirecTV equipment. It is also possible to make an activation call using the code that comes in the box with the decoder.

These are the phone numbers in the 9 countries where DirecTV is available:

  • Argentina : 0810-333-4732.
  • Caribbean : +599 9 788 4388.
  • Chile : +56 2 2337 4000.
  • Colombia : Bogotá: 518 5656. Bucaramanga: 697 2424. Cali: 486 0404.
  • Ecuador : +593 2-298-9300.
  • Peru : Postpaid Customers: (01) 2004-606 or 0800-10-606. Prepaid Customers: (01) 2004-601 or 0800-10-601.
  • Puerto Rico : +1 787-776-5252.
  • Venezuela : 600 600 1759 or 22 740 7449 from cell phones.
  • Uruguay : +598 800 0330.

Using the online service

To activate the receiver from your online user, log into your account through the official DirecTV website corresponding to your country and click on ” My team “. In this section you must select the ” Update ” option located next to the device name, which is commonly DVR or Standard.

Subsequently, you will only have to enter the data of your receiver and access card as requested by the page to confirm the operation. Once this is done, the service information will be updated.

Note : This option is not available for users in Venezuela, since they cannot access the platform due to the deactivation of services that occurred in the past months.

If you don’t have an access card

In the event that you have a used equipment and do not have the access card, you must verify that it meets some basic requirements that will be named below:

  • You must have identification. To check this, you will have to open the panel where the access card is entered and check that the identification code is found on the label.
  • The receiver must be purchased and not rented.
  • There should be no other account connected to the same receiver.

In the event that the device meets all these characteristics, you can enable it by contacting DirecTV customer service. However, you must order a new access card and upon receipt proceed with the installation and activation of the equipment.

If you see error codes

To reactivate your DirecTV receiver, it may be necessary to know the meaning of the error codes that appear on the screen, some of the most frequent are:

  • Error 722: “Reset your service. In this case it will be necessary to reset the decoder to restore the signal. To do this, you can reset the receiver by pressing the red button located on the side of the device.
  • Error 771: “No satellite signal. This code indicates that there are communication problems between the equipment and the antenna. For this failure there are different possible causes, it could be a simple rain as there could be some bad connection made or that the antenna is badly positioned.
  • Error 711: “Decoder not activated”. This number may indicate that the decoder or smart card has not been activated. In this case, activation via the website or by phone call is recommended.
  • Error 721: “Channel not available”. This error simply indicates that the channel you are trying to tune in is not available in your programming or that the receiver is having trouble decoding the information for this channel.
  • Errors 761 or 762: “Reinsert the card. The computer may have trouble reading the card. These errors can be solved by wiping the card with a clean, dry cloth, inserting it again, and restarting the computer.

In any case, it is recommended to check that the access card is well placed inside the equipment slot and to check that the cable from the decoder is correctly connected to the DirecTV antenna.

Note : For users in Venezuela, where the service was suspended and later reactivated, it is recommended to keep the decoder on while waiting for the corresponding updates to be received.

Under these circumstances the decoders should automatically wake up. However, if it has been a long time and your device still has not reactivated, try one of the tricks shown in the next section.

Other tricks

Among the best user-tested tricks to restore the connection are: reset the receiver and reset the settings to factory mode.

  • There are two different options to restart the device. One of them is to hold down the red button on the side of the computer and wait for it to restart. The other alternative is to unplug the receiver, plug it back in, and turn it on normally.
  • If the restart is not enough, then the decoder is reset to factory mode. To do this, you simply have to press and hold (for 20 seconds) the blue power button located on the front of the device.

This is a composite guide of all the best tips and tricks for activating a cut DirecTV receiver. In some cases, error codes may appear, and in others, you can fix the problem with a simple reboot of the device. In this sense, it will be necessary for you to apply the corresponding option according to the signals shown by your team.

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