How Spotify Familiar detects my current address

One of the Premium subscriptions that Spotify has is the Family Plan. It has a comfortable price and is accessible for up to 5 more people who live at the same address. Likewise, you can enjoy music reproductions without advertisements and without an Internet connection. With this account you can save a lot of money as a family, however, since it can be shared with other people, Spotify requests the address of each one to verify its legitimacy.

In view of that, in this article you will learn how Spotify detects the current address of each member who uses the Family account. In this way you avoid its illegal and fraudulent use. It should be remembered that the person who contracted the service is responsible for the monthly subscription payment and may add, change or remove people from the account. Likewise, if you purchased the membership, you will be able to see how to add family members to your plan.

Address location

The way in which Spotify detects your current address is thanks to the implementation of GPS location and the postal code. From time to time, the platform will ask you for certain location information to verify that all family members are in the same place as the person who contracted the plan. Likewise, it will make this quick location recognition to the people who are linked to the account.

Once you hire the service, the application will ask you to enter a home address, which must be the same for all other family members. To do this, Spotify uses the Google Maps address search engine, which is subject to its privacy policies and terms of service.

Spotify will periodically check the home address to ensure that the account has not been shared with someone else outside the family circle and that it continues to meet the necessary requirements for its execution. Similarly, in the event of any irregularity such as totally different addresses, the application will proceed to cancel your account. If you wish, you can read and find more information in theterms and conditions for acquiring the Spotify Family Plan.

How to change the address

Spotify will detect your address after purchasing the subscription, when you enter and confirm your residence. In case you want to change the location, it is necessary that you also inform the people who are subscribed to the service, because the application will ask you to confirm the address. If you wish to modify it, the plan administrator can do so by entering theirSpotify Familiar account and write the new location or send a direct message toSpotify Twitter.

On the other hand, it is also important to keep your personal information updated in the Spotify profile. It is convenient to change it from time to time, especially when the payment date approaches. Therefore, in case you want to update your information (name, date of birth, country, etc.) follow these steps:

  1. Go to your “Account”.
  2. Select ” Edit Profile.”
  3. Modify your data.
  4. Click on ” Save profile “.

Reasons to verify the address

The Spotify Family plan costs $ 14.99 (almost $ 15) per month. For 6 account users, it is a fairly acceptable price that can be divided among family members. The platform monitors that other people are not enjoying this opportunity because it would be $ 9.99 (the cost of an individual Premium account) what the application would be losing for each member.

Although the location request is periodic, Spotify clearly states that it only checks the home address at the time the confirmation is requested. No any MONIT is made or and your privacy is protected thanks to its internal policy. Also, no data is stored after the verification process is complete.

Get Spotify Premium Family

To purchase this subscription you must first register on the platform with a Spotify Free account. Similarly, you must have a credit card on hand to enroll a payment method. After that you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Press ” Upgrade your account.”
  2. Select ” View Plans.”
  3. Search for ” Familiar ” and press ” Start.”
  4. Choose your payment method.
  5. Once the payment process is done, click on ” Buy Family Premium “.
  6. Then, in your account, go to “ Premium Family ”.
  7. PressContinue ” and enter your home address. Remember that this same address must have the other 5 members of your family. Choose ” Find address.”
  8. Please confirm the address.
  9. You will see a window indicating that the address has been added successfully. Once this is done, press ” Add to Premium Family plan “.
  10. Copy the link and send it to your family member.

Add family members to the account

In your account you can add, change and remove members of the membership. In case you want to add other members of your family to enjoy the Premium subscription that you have purchased, you must first send them the link to share. When they get it, they should do these steps:

  1. Upon receiving the link, paste it into the browser and press “Accept invitation.”
  2. Login by entering email and password.
  3. Click on ” This is my account.”
  4. Select ” Enter address manually.”
  5. Write the exact address of the person who hired the Spotify Family service.
  6. Press ” Confirm “.

Once these steps are completed, your family member will automatically become one of the 5 members that you can add on Spotify Family. If the invitation does not appear when you enter the link to the browser, it is likely that the account no longer has space for one more member, or that you do not have the IP address of your computer configured properly.

As you can see, Spotify has the necessary tools and strategies to avoid the fraudulent use of its promotions. Without prior notice, the platform will ask you to enter the current address, and once it is confirmed with the account administrator, it will begin to request the same address from the other members.

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