Hbo spain is it the best platform to watch series and movies in streaming? Review 2021

There is no doubt that staying home, especially at certain times and circumstances, can make a difference when it comes to achieving certain goals. And for that we can count on some allies, such as services such as those offered by HBO Spain .

This subscription video streaming service has been operating in the country for some time, and many already know how to take advantage of everything that is on the billboard.

So our invitation is for you to make yourself comfortable, and read the following content with interesting facts about HBO Spain .

Anatomy of HBO GO How does this platform work?

Before going on to describe basic aspects of the operation of the HBO GO platform in Spain, we will stop for a moment to send you some interesting information about it, which never hurts to know. For example, you should know that HBO (Home Box Office) is one of the many subsidiaries or branches of the American entertainment giant Warner Media . Likewise, it should be noted that HBO Spain is a brand owned by HBO Nordic, which in turn is attached to HBO Europe.

Next we will explain how it works:

Prices and fees

If you are about to sign up for the HBO streaming service , it is good that you are aware of a couple of facts. One of them has to do with the duration of the promotional period, which previously had a duration of 30 days, and from a readjustment carried out at the end of 2019 that time is shortened to two weeks .

The prices of the rates have also been affected, since now the cost of the same is situated at € 8.99 per month, 1 euro more than what had been paid until that date, which allows you to enjoy two reproductions simultaneous and up to a maximum of five connected devices .


In this section, although a term like ‘without comments’ could have a place, it is widely known that HBO has to its credit many of the series that have marked a before and after . If in doubt, ask fans of Game of Thrones or The Sopranos, both HBO originals . But that’s not all, since the premieres of providers such as SONY, Warner and FOX, among others, are available on the HBO platform one day after their premiere.

Content quality

HBO Spain has among its offer a varied range of content that goes through different genres, this not only when it comes to series, since you can also find films and documentaries that show drama, comedy, action and science fiction . This without forgetting a more delicate audience, as in the case of our children and adolescents, for which in addition to having the HBO Family mode , you can be more relaxed by having the parental control option .

Streaming speed

If you are satisfied with watching the content that HBO Spain offers you with a standard quality , a download speed of about 3 mbps may suffice . However, if you really want the best, to play HD videos this usually goes up to 5 mbps .

List of the best exclusive series that you can only see on HBO GO

When we talked to you above about the rise in the price of the HBO GO rate in Spain, we did not mention that one of the reasons given for this has to do with greater efforts by the company in terms of the production of original series . Well, there is no doubt that it shows when we see the quantity and quality of the material that is about to be released .

If you have doubts about whether or not to sign up to their list of subscribers, what you will see below we are sure will definitely clear it:

The Visitor (The Outsider)

Based on the novel by Stephen King, which is synonymous with terror and mystery, it is about the investigation of the brutal murder of a child in a town in Oklahoma. Although the first evidence led to believe that it was a simple case to solve, as it progresses everything becomes confusing.

The New Pope

If we are all shocked by the irreverence of the fictitious Pius XIII, played by Jude Law in ‘The Young Pope’, there is no reason to miss this continuation about everything that a supposed John Paul III will have to face within the walls of the Vatican.

Westworld (Season 3)

This new season comes with a revamped cast, plus most of the events take place outside of the theme park. From what we have been able to deduce after seeing the trailers, lovers of psychological thrillers and science fiction will continue to feast on this original HBO production.

I Know This Much is True

An adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Wally Lamb. In it, the twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey (both played by Mark Ruffalo), suffer from adverse mental conditions . You are moved as you watch Dominick, who suffers from PTSD, take care of Thomas who suffers from schizophrenia.

Perry Mason

A good opportunity for new generations to get in touch with the famous fictional American lawyer . Set in Los Angeles in the early 1930s. As the plot unfolds, the contradictions of the society of that time are revealed.

Euphoria (Season 2)

Given the success in number of viewers of the first season of this series, HBO has decided to produce a second, where we will continue to see how a group of adolescent students dramatize their way of seeing issues such as their sexuality, social networks or gender identity.

The Undoing

Grace Sachs, a renowned New York psychologist, who until then led a perfect life in the company of her husband and son, sees her life change forever after the disappearance of the former. Grace, who was preparing to publish her first book before the event, has to deal with certain things about her husband that come up as the police investigation progresses.

Avenue 5

A space comedy with an impressive set design, which narrates the experiences of the crew and the select passengers of an interplanetary cruise ship. Captain Ryan Clark, commander of the ship, has to deal with both the eccentric personality of his passengers, as well as technical problems that he never thought would present themselves in a time with so many advances (everything happens in 40 years) .

Killing Eve (Season 3)

Eve and Villanelle will continue to show us that when things have to be, they simply are, since despite the fact that each one has been avoiding meeting the other, in this new season we will see how the MI6 agent and nowhere scrupulous murderer, they face each other again as a result of a new near death.

Barry (Season 3)

The awards achieved by this series in the previous season, cannot but bring good omens for this one that we are all waiting for. This in terms of maintaining its excellent quality in all aspects. So we have no choice but to find out chapter by chapter the unfolding of the protagonist’s complicated life.

How is the HBO GO platform? Pros and Cons of the service

As users of technological platforms, it is logical that before signing up for any service offered to us, we look for all the information to guide us before taking the step.

In that sense, we have prepared a small sample of the pros and cons of the HBO GO service:


One of the most attractive features of the HBO GO service is undoubtedly the simultaneity of the premieres . This means that each series that premieres in the United States is at the same time available in Spain on the streaming platform. In terms of user experience, it is guaranteed by the unbeatable image and sound quality offered by the platform.


One of the main complaints from HBO GO users has to do with the impossibility of watching online series that are not original to the signal. Another disadvantage of the platform in Spain is that the failures caused by connectivity problems between the platform and some Internet providers.

HBO Go vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime What is the best platform of the moment?

Another important thing that you always want to have before signing up for one of the three major streaming platforms that operate in Spain, is a comparison between what each of them offers, especially in the catalog section , which is perhaps the most important reason when choosing one of them. In this sense, and as we mentioned above, HBO GO is distinguished by its great production of original series.

This makes you feel sure that you always have at your disposal both a large catalog of current series, as well as complete seasons of others that are already considered classics . Netflix, for its part, is distinguished by the large number of films it makes available to you, with its own blockbusters that have even come to compete for both the Academy Awards and different festivals.

This undoubtedly puts her first in the preferences of the followers of the Seventh Art. Amazon Prime Video, although it has not been on the market that long, is showing signs that it is willing to stay, so every day it is attracting the attention of a greater volume of public, which could well be captivated by the large number of premieres series for all tastes.

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