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Youtube trends what arehe, what are they for and what kind of videos can i find on it?

This video platform is used by users in order to upload content on it and thus make themselves known, either to promote a product, service or simply to develop a personal project . Therefore, visits to each of your publications are essential .

In addition, it is important to mention that around 500 videos are uploaded per minute on this platform , which means that the competition is quite large . All this makes it even more difficult to stand out among the YouTube trend . And this website has a section called trend where the most viewed videos of the moment are offered .

This means that if you are looking to stand out in the social network, the most convenient thing is to create really interesting reproductions, this with the aim of being able to position some of them in the most sought after . In accordance with all this, here we are going to teach you a little more about  what YouTube trends are and what they are for, for this follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What is the YouTube trending section and what is it for?

This trend section allows users to discover the most viewed reproductions of the moment on the platform , here they can find content that has been published anywhere in the world . In this way, in this tab you can enjoy a great variety of content where you will get reproductions of all kinds and of all genres .

In general, in this section you can almost always get the videos of the new musical themes by artists, the trailers of the new releases in cinemas, as well as any other viral video that is in vogue . It is also important to mention that this category is unique, so that all users from all over the world will be able to see the same content published there .

This means that you may find content that is in a language other than yours. In addition, the content that appears there is updated every 15 minutes, so it may vary if you enter several times a day . After each update it is possible that the reproductions change their position, taking into account that all this is carried out in real time and depends on the visits that each of the videos has .

How many views and interactions does my video need to appear in YouTube trends?

Surely you are wondering what your publication needs to be able to appear in this section of YouTube, and that is that getting to be in some of those positions will undoubtedly provide you with a large number of visits, as well as possibly a considerable increase in subscribers for your channel . Therefore, it is worth taking into account what aspects are needed to become among the most prominent.

In order to be on the platform’s trends, your content must meet the following requirements:

  • Playback must be attractive enough and for a wide variety of users.
  • You must offer real content, that is not sensationalist or acts as click bait.
  • Try to reflect what is happening on YouTube and around the world .
  • Show quality content .
  • Be surprising and novel with your content .

It is important to mention that the trend category is to strike an effective balance between what all these considerations mentioned above are .

Where factors such as the following are taken:

  • It must have a large number of visits.
  • The time in which the visits are generated, that is, how long it takes for the reproduction to become popular .
  • The time the content has been published .
  • Where the visits come from .
  • The performance of the video compared to the other videos you have posted on the channel .

All these details are taken into account because in that category only those videos that have all these requirements should be found, that is, they are the most visited of the moment . It can also happen that a replay has many more views than the trending videos themselves, but this one does not meet the other requirements to be there.

In order to select the content that will appear there, the YouTube system applies filters that will allow them to verify their quality, and in turn verify that they do not have obscene language, content for adults, violence, attacks on others members of the network, among others. All this will guarantee security for all users of the social network .

It is also important to mention that these trend posts cannot be bought, to be there can only be achieved by meeting all the requirements that YouTube demands. This means that there will only be users who create content mainly for YouTube .

What are the benefits of positioning a video among the YouTube trends?

Without a doubt, being able to locate one of your reproductions in the YouTube trend section will provide you with a large number of benefits, and that is that first of all your video will be seen worldwide, and it will be in a section that is visited by millions of users every second, which means that you will reach a greater number of users .

In accordance with this, here we show you the main benefits that this can offer you:

  • They can start to know you worldwide .
  • Increase the number of visits for your content uploaded on the platform, as well as for your channel.
  • Get a greater number of subscribers .
  • Being on the trending list can simply lead you to the success of the platform.
  • You can start to be recognized around the world .
  • Your next reproductions will have an increase in popularity in a less time.

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