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Youtube premium what is it, what is it for and what are the benefits of hiring it?

A few years ago YouTube launched its Premium version for our country. This is a paid subscription with which you can enjoy benefits that positively modify the experience with the platform.

So that you know in detail what YouTube Premium is and what this subscription is for, we have prepared this article for you . You will be able to find a list of all the benefits that you will obtain when you hire this service.

In addition, you will know the price of this version of YouTube in Spain and we will analyze whether it is convenient or not to hire it. Take a look so you know everything.

What is YouTube Premium and what is this subscription for?

YouTube Premium is a paid version offered by the squeeze content platform to access certain benefits that improve the user experience . The operation and interface are similar to the free version, since it has the same sections and has the same type of configuration.

What are the benefits of having hired the YouTube Premium service?

Among the most outstanding benefits that YouTube Premium has is the possibility of playing the application in the background on the mobile while using other apps. In addition, you can download the contents and watch them when you do not have access to the Internet. 

Another advantage of this YouTube service is that it does not have ads or any other type of interruption every time the videos are enjoyed. In addition, you can watch YouTube Originals series and movies without any advertising. But these are not all the benefits that YouTube Premium offers , you can also access millions of songs and videos by activating the audio-only function, so you can listen to the content anywhere.

How much does it cost to purchase YouTube Premium? Prices and Fees

If you want to access this YouTube Premium service you will have to pay € 11.99 / month, enjoying a 3-month free trial . For this you will have to enter all the payment information and you can cancel the subscription at any time. But if you decide to hire a service for 6 people from the same household, the cost will be € 17.99 / month.

Is it worth hiring a YouTube Premium subscription?

Although YouTube Premium has access to millions of videos and you will not see ads every time you play their content, there are other types of platforms that can offer you the same service. This is the case with Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer . By this we mean that, if you use the platform to listen to music more than to watch videos, it will be convenient for you to use an option other than YouTube .

This is due to the prices and other features they offer that can identify your taste faster. For example, on Spotify you will pay € 3 less per month for 6 accounts than on YouTube and you will have better tools to find your music. Therefore, the answer to whether it is convenient to contract YouTube Premium, only you will be able to know according to your needs, preferences, uses and tastes .

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