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Youtube parental control what is it, what is it for and what are the benefits of activating it?

Knowing how to prevent our children from seeing all kinds of content on YouTube is key to keeping them healthy. Although this platform has a policy that prohibits pornographic or very aggressive content, there are always some not suitable for minors .

Normally, YouTube does not know when a child or an adult accesses it, for this reason it cannot automatically block content. But it does offer us its parental control, so that we can establish a user with limitations for children.

Activating this option provides us with many benefits for our children. We will comment on all these below, as well as some tips to protect them from the Internet and its dangers .

What is YouTube parental control and what is it for?

Parental control is the protection that our children have when using a website, in this case YouTube. As we well know, in this platform users, despite the restrictions by policies, can upload almost any type of videos, and among them, those that show sensitive content for the mind of a child.

Our children should only enjoy content for their age, and not those that encourage violence, sex or other inappropriate. It is true that we will not find pornographic scenes on YouTube, but we will find conversations where they are mentioned, these contents can open up minors to a world for which they are not yet prepared .

To prevent them from seeing inappropriate content, constant monitoring and activating YouTube’s parental control is recommended, as we will program the platform so that it filters all the content to be displayed, offering only the appropriate ones . Thanks to YouTube’s intelligent system, videos that are not suitable for our children will be automatically blocked, without being able to be viewed from that YouTube account.

How does YouTube parental control work? Main features

Parental control is the best option we can activate to limit our children’s access to unsuitable content. Its configuration is composed of a set of options and functions.

As shown below:

How to block content

With the option to block content, we can disable the selected content and channels for our user. When we select content as blocked, we will no longer see it in our results list . If we apply the blockade on a channel, none of the content uploaded under the authorship of that channel will be shown in the results, and the only way to unblock it is by accessing the panel.

Content settings

The configuration allows us to limit the content according to the profile created for our child .

When creating the Kids profile, we will have to choose which of the following categories we want for it:

  • Preschool: this category includes all the contents that have been marked for children, but up to four years of age .
  • Young Children : for this category the contents shown are cartoons, crafts, songs and more, which are allowed for children between 5 and 7 years old.
  • Older children: all content up to 12 years old will be available for our children, including documentaries, video games, music, video clips, and more.
  • Personally: the configuration is chosen by us, we express what are the contents that we want to be displayed and those that should not be shown, in this way our children will see only what is in accordance with our approval.
Note: No system is completely effective in its work, since it is due to programming made, so if even choosing the category of the profile for our children, we see content that we consider inappropriate, we must manually block it, or report it so that the team YouTube check them out .

Only approved content

Our children can only enjoy content that is grouped in the category we select . No content outside of this category may be viewed by the minor, even if it is according to their age. This is the strictest section, but it is most appropriate when we have such curious children. The selected categories group only videos that YouTube staff or its partners have approved for it .

Disable search

This option allows us to disable the YouTube search engine, so that our children cannot access content outside of the selected categories. If we deactivate the search, all histories will be erased and no one will be able to search for new content, and you will only enjoy those that are shown in the approved list for YouTube Kids .

Clear search and play history

In the delete search history, all suggestions will be deleted videos on the YouTube home and contents suitable only be offered for category approved for the child.

Pause search and play histories

Normally YouTube uses previously viewed videos as a reference to offer similar content, but when pausing the search and playback histories, no suggestion content will be offered, but only those chosen personally or by the category of the selected profile.

What are the benefits of activating YouTube parental controls?

When we activate parental control we get many benefits, not only because we protect our children from inappropriate content, but also because we will not have to constantly monitor them, and we will have more freedom for all our jobs.

With this YouTube function, we can be sure that children will not be watching aggressive or perverted content, including the great advantage that they will be forced to watch only instructional videos that allow them to develop professionally, emotionally, and on a personal level. We cannot prevent them from connecting to the Internet, but we can control what they see, and that is the secret to preserving the childhood of our children.

Tips to protect your children from the risks of the Internet

Parental control is a very good function of YouTube, but we should not leave all the responsibility to an algorithm, because our duty as parents requires us to use our human part, to protect them .

Therefore, we leave you these tips:

Raise awareness about the dangers of the Internet

Preventing our children from connecting to the Internet is a task that has failed in millions of cases in the world. But one task that we must do as parents is to instruct them about all the dangers found in this digital world . It is normal for them to want to connect, but they should not see all kinds of content. If we explain them properly and without taboos, what are the contents they should see, and the reason for things, we will surely create awareness .

Avoid threats

Many times we consider that by threatening our children, they will understand what we once explained to them. But this is not entirely true, since they assume the cause of the correction as wrong, because they can receive some punishment, but not because it is bad.

Computer in full view

Never organize a computer in a blind spot in the house, as it is suitable for the minor to carry out activities behind our backs. It is true that we can configure connections, and parental control, but in many cases children obtain knowledge to circumvent these limitations . Detail that we must avoid at all costs.

Rules and schedule

Establishing a schedule of use is the best way to avoid leisure in the child, since we will only grant him the right to use the computer for a short period of time. Regarding the rules, the first thing that we must highlight and comply with is constant conversation, because it is the only way to understand the child and his curiosities, and thus avoid that others are the ones who guide them in bad ways .

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