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Why does my Facebook get stuck or frozen when opening a chat? – Solution

The internet today is everywhere, it is a vital part of our lives, since it was developed in the 90s until it was adapted to society at the beginning of the 2000s, the vast majority of our activities require the use of the internet, an example of this can be our work activities.

More than half of the world’s population currently has an internet connection, this is a point in favor for the world, since this allows each of us to stay connected and enjoy the functions that it brings us, such as It can be to improve our knowledge through the study of virtual modules as well as communication through social networks.

Facebook and social media

Facebook as well as other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. They were websites with a single objective, to allow people to become users of the platform in order for communication to exist between them, this through images, videos and text chats. Today these social networks have grown so much that they have their own applications for the phone, Facebook and Facebook is one of them.

Facebook app

Currently Facebook is divided into two apps, these are the classic Facebook to navigate and the messaging app Facebook, with these apps you can have all the functions of Facebook, such as having two accounts open at the same time , then their versions are found Lite, designed for lower-mid-range devices, these are Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, also always remember to have Facebook updated.

Why does Facebook freeze when I enter a chat?

Many users have reported this error hundreds of times, it happens that Facebook notifies us of a received message but in the process of entering the chat, the application remains stuck, having to close the Facebook application to re-enter and thus be able to respond to it , this can happen for many reasons.

Either because our mobile does not support the Facebook application, the storage of our device is full or we have to review our app to see specifically what happens to it, due to this is that in fact there is the option of Facebook Lite, since It can perform most of the Facebook functions through a much shorter and lighter interface than the original.

How can I prevent this from happening to Facebook?

In this article we will explain step by step what are our options for Facebook correctly and smoothly:

  • We will go to Settings of our devices and we will look for the Applications and Storage section.
  • Within the Applications configuration, we must find the option to see through a graph how the space of our device is distributed, it is important to see in the graph how much space each app on the device occupies.
  • We will locate the Facebook application and select it.
  • After this we should see each data of the application, see the size that it occupies in our device and see how that size is broken down, these are divided between the Facebook data and the cache.
  • Many of the times that the Facebook application freezes it may be because there is a lot of cache memory in the application, if this is the case, we will select it and delete it.
  • Then we will test the application, in the event that clearing the cache memory has not worked, we can delete some conversations that are in the Facebook app, both this and also go to the gallery of our device and delete the images or videos that consider that they are heavy.

presentation and interface of Facebook

In an extreme case that the Facebook application freezes, we will have two options, one is to search for the previous version of the application where this did not happen, doing it is simple, we must search the internet for an apks page and we look for Facebook, we search The previous version that we had, we downloaded it, we allowed the installation of unknown origin, we installed it on our phone and that’s it.

The other option is to uninstall it and install Facebook Lite, which will also help us to do most of the Facebook actions and it will never freeze.

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