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Why can’t I enter, access or start a section in my Facebook account?

When we talk about Facebook we refer to an application that has been designed and increasingly improved to meet the needs of users who are always active. And this is a social network that was created with the purpose of constantly maintaining contact with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

This interesting social network was created in 2004 to keep communications with students at Harvard, but today it maintains communications with more than 2.7 billion users. And as a basis to believe in this in the impact it has had on the world, making it the 3rd most visited website and the most downloaded application.

So, all this has allowed the developers of this social network to seek to update it time after time to make improvements to the platform. Therefore, in this article we will talk a little about the different functions that Facebook has provided to its most active users and how we can solve one of these frequent problems.

Main functions that Facebook offers its users

Facebook is a social network that you can use from the web browser as well as from the mobile application that they have made available, for this you only have to create an account on Facebook . The main function of Facebook is to be able to find and make friends anywhere in the world, you just have to select the option “Add to my friends”.

On the other hand, you can interact with all the publications and status updates shared by the people you have added as friends, and you can comment or like them. And since Facebook has the function of creating groups , you can become part of one of them that are on topics that interest you.

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For the most children, and even for adults, the Facebook platform has many games in which you can participate together with friends and share results with them. Also, as a new function, you can make payments through the “Facebook Pay” function, where you can add a payment method, such as Paypal.

Also, if you have a business, Facebook is a good tool to make yourself known in the market within the area where you live or elsewhere. Or if you just want to sell a product or artifact, the Marketplace feature on Facebook will make your job easier by showing the post to millions of people.

Now, many users on certain occasions have had problems with entering or logging in to Facebook with their personal account, the truth is that this is a common problem. So, now we will briefly explain why this problem usually happens and what you can do to solve it with a few short and simple steps.

Why can’t you access your account or log in to Facebook? How to solve it?

Generally, this is a problem that occurs due to an error or incorrect information in your data to log in, such as password or email. In the event that the platform informs you that the problem is due to entering an incorrect password, the solution is simple and you can solve it instantly.

To do this, touch the option that appears on the screen “Forgot your password?”, Which will take you to a tab, where you can choose an option to recover the account. In that case, the platform will send you a code to reset the password either through the email or the phone number that you provided to your account.

trying to open facebook from cell phone

On the other hand, if you do not remember the email you entered for the creation of your Facebook, you could enter the account using your phone number that you have linked. Although, it could happen that you have not linked a phone number to your account, so to remember the email, ask a friend to see the profile information.

If the problem persists when adding your data then it may be due to a problem with your Internet connection that you should check before trying. If you see that the problem continues, it could be that the Facebook platform is down, so in that case the solution is to be patient and wait for it to be solved.

So, the solution so that the process of recovering your account does not become so annoying if you forget any detail of it, is to always keep your data updated.

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