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Why am I getting down on Instagram and losing followers without stopping? How do I win them again

Social networks have undoubtedly had a significant impact on the world, since they have become a total viral power, today the use of these networks is necessary and indispensable, obtaining greater comfort when communicating in a way virtual through our mobiles and computers. In the same way, the number of users and social networks that exist to improve our lives is immense .

It is important to know the proper use of them, to avoid any kind of discomfort when using them, some of course are easier to handle than others, but nevertheless the functionalities are multiple and it is nothing that we cannot solve.

When we talk about social networks we refer to all the ones we use, that is why within these there are privacy policies to make their use more secure, providing us with necessary aspects when making them work.

According to the functionality of each application or network, the types of users will depend, children, youth or adults, since each of these has different objectives at the time of obtaining them.

In this article we are going to explain you about Instagram followers. More specifically about re- winning those accounts that stopped following you. Keep reading and know all the details.

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Why do they take me down on Instagram and lose followers without stopping? How do I win them again

This happens frequently to users, but there are different reasons for it to happen, one of them is, the lack of interaction, that is, we must be constant in terms of publications and taking into account the aesthetics of our beginning, another reason may be that you are not using hashtags correctly, they help us a lot in terms of the visibility of our account.

That is why maintaining a consecutive feed and in order will allow us to be more viewed, and therefore obtain more followers, let’s put this advice into practice and we will see how it works effectively, although there are also other ways such as applications to gain followers, but most are fake accounts.

How to use Instagram in a professional way so as not to lose followers?

It is important to know its proper use to avoid certain errors, and what better than to use it as a digital marketing tool , the first thing we must do is enter our account and if we do not have one, we can quickly create one.

different instagram functions

We must be positive and post content that is of interest and is related to the objective we are looking for, not making the mistake of always publishing the same thing, but innovating. Trying to post photos or videos of content that is not very repetitive is ideal, as long as we have an order in our feed.

Having a profile on public Instagram, social or personal blog , requires a lot of time and dedication, we must have a perfectly clear image and in such a way show the world who we are, what we do and what we want to achieve.

The design and style that we have at the time of editing will speak a lot about us, aesthetics play a very important role within this topic, we must offer users something creative and worth seeing.

We must keep a clear sequence of the content, so that it does not look messy, the use of hashtags has been a very good evolution within the application, in this way it allows us to reach more people’s eyes.

Instagram and its main functions

Its functionalities are multiple and it is good to know them in depth to explore, it allows us to edit images within it, in a sharp and clear way with a variety of great effects that we can use to our liking.

It offers us the possibility of adding videos both to the gallery and to our stories , quickly and easily, we just have to click on the camera and choose a video that we already have archived or we can simply record one in real time.

Undoubtedly, Instagram are the novelty, it is about uploading an image or video with a duration of 24 hours, which is then automatically deleted or if we decide to do it before we can also, in the same way we can choose who can see our story, it is a of the great advantages and functions.

In the same way, it has a chat included to interact quickly with other users, within it we have a great variety of gifs and emojis to share easily.

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