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What is and how does the Notify application work on Facebook?

Facebook recently launched a new application whose main function is to notify users when their media of interest publish news. In this way, you can see them in a more organized way. If you want to know what the Notify application is and how it works on Facebook, keep reading!

So far the application is only available for the iOS operating system in the United States. It includes the most important media of today, such as CNN, Cosmopolitan, the New York Times newspaper and some television programs such as Comedy Central.

The categories it presents are very varied, ranging from national, world and political news to entertainment, sports, entertainment and shopping.

What is Notify?

Notify is an application developed in order to offer its users all the news of their interest in one place. She will show you the information that people are most interested in in an organized way through categories.

How does the Notify application work on Facebook?

Because the application is so new, many users wonder how does the Notify application work on Facebook? Well, the truth is that it is quite easy to use compared to how useful it is.

Users who have the application on their mobiles will be able to choose from which media they want to have news. In addition, they will be able to choose the topics that interest them the most, such as local, national, weather, sports, entertainment news, etc.

Thus, Notify will send people daily content on these topics of interest, who will have easy access to the news from the notification bar of their mobile. In addition, they will be able to share them on Facebook directly from the app (for all that, this application is preferable to use over the normal system of receiving notifications from a Facebook page ).

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Connect Notify to Facebook

Now that you know what the Notify application is and how it works on Facebook, you will want to make use of it, right? For this you must bear in mind that this app is only available for iOS in the United States. So, if you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user in the US, you can proceed to download it.

You will do this from the App Store. Once you have it on your mobile you will have to access it using the information from your Facebook account. In addition, you must activate the notifications of the application on your mobile for it to work correctly.

Configure Notify

After installing the app and connecting it to Facebook, all that remains is to configure it. The first thing you should do is determine the news you want to receive. If you want these to be more local, you must activate the option so that Notify always knows your location.

The next thing is to define from which means you want to obtain the information. This is easily done by sliding down the application screen. This will show you up to three options for each of the 19 categories.

In the same way you will have the option “See More New Stations” or see more stations. This section will take you to a screen where you will see more options for the chosen category.

When you finish selecting the news media, go to the main Notify screen and click on the “Next” button . Then a page will appear on the screen with all the notifications of the chosen media.

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As in Facebook, this app offers you the function of saving notifications so that you can see them later. Also, you can share information that interests you. You will achieve this by copying the link of the news in question, or by sharing it directly on other social networks or through instant messaging.

Now that you know how the Notify application works on Facebook, don’t hesitate for a minute to download it, as it will be quite useful to keep you informed day by day.

Despite only being available to iOS users in the United States, the possibility that it will soon be launched on the international market is not ruled out. Also, the developers are still working to get it to work on Android phones. If you wonder then how to receive notifications from Facebook without the application ?, then you should look for it in another tutorial.

And in addition to this, you are also recommended to find how to silence or deactivate notifications in Facebook Lite , and how to deactivate notifications of live transmission , so that you have complete control of the app and your phone.

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