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What does Facebook mean

The word Facebook is made up of two terms derived from the English language. The first, ” Face “, means face and derives from Latin. While ” Book ” is translated as a book, coming from the Germanic word “Bouk” (letter). Which could be translated as “Book of Faces”, this in reference to the student yearbooks that are given at the end of each school year to each member and can be filled with good wishes, comments and information from each one.

This is a social network that was created and developed by three young university students: Mark Zuckerberg ( USA ), Eduardo Saverin (Brazil) and Chris Hughes (USA) between 2003 and 2004. It was officially launched on the market in 2010, with the commercial name with which it is known until now. Currently, it is positioned as one of the most popular social networks in the world and has a platform that is available in seventy languages, including Chinese and German.

About Facebook

Facebook began as a project of three Harvard university students who sought to offer a way of interaction to their university companions. Initially it was available only to students of this house of studies, however, its popularity was so great that its developers decided to expand it to the entire public.

Now, its initial name was “Facemash” which was later replaced by “The Facebook” in 2004 and, finally, in 2005 “The” was eliminated and it became the title by which it is known today. day. During its long history, this platform has undergone multiple visual changes, rising rapidly within the ranking lists of the most downloaded applications in the world.

At the beginning of 2013, Facebook reached 1,230 million users, of which about 600 million people connect from their mobile phones. While the others use other devices, such as Tablets and laptops or desktops. Among the countries with the highest demand for this application are: Brazil, Mexico, India, the United States and Indonesia.

Currently, this platform offers different marketing tools to a large number of people, pages or groups. Among its most outstanding functions we can mention: Likes or reactions, creation of public or private profiles and interaction with friends anywhere in the world.

In addition to uploading multimedia content to share with your friends list. Similarly, it offers “Facebook Messenger ”a platform from which its users can send images, videos, audio notes, documents and even make audio or video calls. It is worth mentioning that, currently, the Mark Zuckerberg application is available for different Operating Systems, including iOS and Android.

It can be downloaded from the Play Store orApp Store, depending on the operating system of the device. Likewise, it has aweb or desktop version that you can access whenever you want, it should be noted that its download is free.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

Developer: Facebook, Inc.
Price: Free +

In conclusion, “Book of Faces” or Facebook, is a very popular social network that emerged after the visionary idea of ​​three Harvard students. Which, today, is positioned as one of the best in the world, thanks to its versatility and useful functions.

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