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The best pages and social networks to chat for free online

With the speed with which the Internet is developing today, things like meeting people, making friends and chatting online for free have become very simple. However, like everything in life, this also has its dangerous side, as you will never know for sure who is on the other side of the conversation until you meet them in person. Luckily, there are pages or social networks that could be classified as “the best” for this type of activity.

In this sense, many of them are in charge of verifying the identity of their users in order to maintain transparency between both parties and thus avoid risks for any of the profiles. Among the most recognized are Facebook, Badoo, Twitter, OkCupid, MeetMe, etc. Some are made especially for the European territory, however, the vast majority work worldwide. Get to know each of them throughout this post.


It has a platform with more than 400 million users around the world.Badoo is a type of social network created mainly to meet friends, however, a large percentage of profiles belong to young people looking for casual encounters or flirting. It is among the best pages to chat online because it has a mobile application that you can download from the Play Store or the iOS store.

When registering, you will be able to specify the characteristics or physical qualities that you are looking for in the other person, such as age, sex, height, weight, geographical location, etc. making it easy to find the profiles that match your search. In this way you can connect with those who truly capture your attention. In addition to this, you have the option of uploading photos and videos so that other users can consider you as a candidate and chat with you.


Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is the most popular in the world, thanks to its versatility and simplicity. With it, you can connect with millions of friends in different ways, from chatting to sharing content that may be interesting to you and your contacts.Facebook, like Badoo, also has its own version for mobiles (both Android and iOS devices). In addition to the desktop site known to all.

Although, for all this to happen you must have followers or, at least, people to follow. Otherwise, your activity on Twitter would be informational only. It is important to mention that Twitter is available for both Android and iOS in their respective stores.


They describe themselves as a community to chat, meet and fall in love with. So it is arguably the perfect option if you are looking for any of these options.Lovoo works under the concept of “Match”, something that consists of giving each other “likes”. It has its own application, compatible with Android and iOS.

This website supports search filters by location, behavior, matches, etc. Offering in each of them, the best tools to meet casual friends or even the ideal partner.


It is an authentic social network to chat for free online. In it you can meet new people and create friends with common interests and tastes, to expand your social circle. Registration inTagged is completely free, you can even access it from your Facebook account. Once inside the platform you can participate in chat rooms, share content on your profile, visit other profiles and leave “Like”, send private messages, etc.

Tagged – meet new friends
Developer: Ifwe Inc.
Price: Free +

In the same way, you have the ease of accessing all these functions from the mobile application which is available for both Android and iOS. With Tagged you will also find various games with which you can share with other users of the platform.


It is very similar to Badoo in terms of its functionality and programming. MeetMe is a perfect page to meet people and flirt in a matter of minutes, since a large part of the users of this social network know its purpose. Which facilitates the whole process of “breaking the ice”, you can make use of it from its desktop version or on your cell phone, through the app for Android and iOS.


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