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Snapchat – Login or access the web

Snapchat is a social network created exclusively for mobile devices, whose main function is to share ephemeral content. It is possible to log in or access Snapchat online or from the web but it will not be to the service itself, but to the user’s control panel. To log in and use the service normally, you must install the application on your mobile device.

Access the Snapchat service

Snapchat Web  Snapchat App Snapchat PC

If you don’t know how to log in or need help, keep reading!

If you have tried to log in to Snapchat or access your account on this social network and have not been able to do so, here at InfoCuentas we want to help you. You can log into Snapchat from the website or from the official application, however, complications may arise in the process; That is why we will show you step by step how to access your Snapchat account and the most frequent problems that occur when logging in.

Snapchat is a social network that in recent years has had a notable boom, especially in the youth sector. This is because this platform is the ideal medium to share ephemeral content, that is, it will be eliminated after a certain time. Other users use it for the simple purpose of having fun, taking advantage of the various functions and tools that the application offers and that serve to place fun filters and effects on photos and videos.

Login from the app

If you have a device running under the Android system, these are the steps you must follow to log in to Snapchat:

  1. First install the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device, downloading it from the corresponding app store. Place Snapchat in the search engine and once it appears in the results select it and click on Install; or follow the links below:

    • Android :

  • iOS :
    Developer: Snap, Inc.
    Price: Free +

  • Look for the Snapchat icon on the main screen of your device and tap on it to enter.
  • Then click on the ” Login ” button to go to the login page of your account.
  • Put your username or email, as well as the password in the corresponding boxes and click on ” Login ” again.
  • If the data entered was correct, you will be taken directly to the application’s camera.
  • If this is the first time you log in to Snapchat, you must enter your phone number to receive a code via SMS to confirm your identity, although the number will be processed automatically if you are logging in from the same phone.

    Login from the website

    Keep in mind that when you log in from the web, you will actually enter the service panel, since Snapchat does not have a version to use its services from the web.

    It is also possible to access your Snapchat account from the web page compatible with any device that has a web browser, be it mobile or PC; However, by logging in from the web you will only be able to manage your account and modify everything related to it, you will not be able to publish stories or send messages to your contacts.

    1. Login to
    2. Enter your username and password.
    3. Press the ” Login ” button .

    With this you will have accessed the “Manage my account” panel, which will allow you to modify certain aspects of your account such as your password, your devices, geofilters, your personal information, among others. You can also view your snapcode or delete your account from this menu. 

    Login from PC

    Since Snapchat does not have a version for PC or computer, you will have to use an emulator to be able to log into Snapchat from your computer. An emulator is a tool that allows you to simulate an Android mobile and install the Snapchat application to use it as if you had a mobile at hand. The emulator that we will recommend is called BlueStacks and it is completely free.

    1. Access the BlueStacks download page ( ) and download the installer.
    2. Install the program on your computer.
    3. Access BlueStacks and configure the initial options, including your Google account to access the Play Store.
    4. Enter the Play Store and search for Snapchat, download it as you normally would on your mobile.
    5. Log into the application as you normally would on your mobile.

    With this you can use Snapchat from your computer through the emulator. At the moment, Snapchat does not yet have a PC or online version, so this is the only way to use the social network on your computer.

    Problems logging into Snapchat

    When you log in to Snapchat, you may experience some inconvenience that usually prevents you from accessing your account. These could be some of the possible problems logging into Snapchat:

    Forgetting access data

    It may happen that when trying to log in to Snapchat you realize that you have forgotten your access data and therefore cannot log in. Fortunately, there are methods to regain access to a Snapchat account that we discussed better in our article on Snapchat account recovery.

    Spam blocking

    This is generated as a result of the abuse in the publication of content for intrusive purposes or for violating the rules stipulated in the conditions of use of the service that threaten the user community.

    If this is the case, you must wait a period of 24 hours to try the login again, but if the same problem occurs, it means that your account has been banned, requiring the creation of a new one.

    Root user

    Some devices have a built-in root access mode, which can cause access to be denied when trying to log into Snapchat. To avoid this problem, you must deactivate this access mode and scan your device for a plugin or app that may be interfering with the performance of Snapchat.


    In case you are using this internet connection method to try to access your Snapchat account, you should avoid it since the application will not allow you to access it, generating an error message when you click on Login. It is best to use a conventional network connection.

    If, after solving these problems, you still have problems logging into Snapchat or, if none of these cases match your situation, then you will have to uninstall the application, use another internet connection network and repeat the installation process.

    Enjoy Snapchat without limits

    Now that you know how to log into Snapchat, you will have the opportunity to unleash your creativity and upload the best content, making the most of all the options available on this social network.

    One of them are the filters that will allow you to add effects to your photos and videos, as well as the possibility of incorporating both still and moving animations, allowing you to create unique and original content that you can share with your friends.

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