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Recover a stolen / hacked Facebook account with

You have multiple options to recover your Facebook account in case it has been hacked, one of them is Facebook Hacked. This program allows you to reinforce the security of your account and regain control to prevent hackers or computer thieves from having access to your personal data. Likewise, Facebook has enabled other mechanisms to recover the profile in the event of having tampered with the password or email.

In this article you will see the different tools that you have at your disposal to recover your Facebook account. It will be explained from the reinforcement of security with Facebook Hacked, to the support contact with the platform. You can use any means to re-enter your profile, although everything will depend on the resources you have on hand.

Facebook Hacked

It is a Facebook program, which allows you to protect your account through security actions. With it you cannot recover your hacked account but you can prevent someone from stealing it thanks to its protection measures. If you suspect that your account may be in danger of hacking, you just have to follow these steps that will be detailed below:

  1. Login to
  2. Select a reason why you are concerned about the security of your account.
  3. Press “Start”.
  4. A window will appear whose information is about verifying recent changes to your account. Press ” Continue “.
  5. It will ask you to change your password, for this enter the current one and then write a new one.
  6. Then Facebook will show you all the emails that are associated with your account. If you don’t recognize any, check the corresponding box and select “ Delete ”. If you recognize them all, choose ” Skip “.
  7. Then you will see the friends you have recently added. In case you don’t recognize any of them, check the box and press “ Delete ”. Otherwise, just hit ” Skip “.
  8. Now you will have to review the posts you have recently made. Check the boxes to remove the ones you don’t recognize. If you recognize all posts, just click ” Skip.”
  9. Review the recent comments you have posted and do the same as in the previous steps. If you recognize everything, just choose ” Skip “.
  10. Up to here, the process will be finished and you will be able to choose the option ” Go to the news section “.

Recovery with phone number

When you register on the Facebook page, the platform suggests adding a phone number with which it can be guaranteed that you are the owner of it. In the event that your security is compromised, the password has been changed or you do not remember it, a code will be sent with which you can re-enter. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Facebook and press “ Forgot your account? ”.
  2. Enter the phone number you registered and click ” Search.”
  3. You will see that you will have the option to send the code both to your email and to your phone. Choose the option ” Send code by SMS ” to the number you entered and press ” Continue “.
  4. Enter the 6-digit code you received on your cell phone and press ” Continue.”
  5. Choose a new password.
  6. An information window will appear indicating if you want to log out of other devices. Choose an option and finish with ” Continue “.

With email

As explained above, Facebook also offers the possibility of sending a security code to your email in case you do not remember the access password, it has been changed or you do not have a registered phone number. Therefore, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Open the Facebook page, write your email and the password that you remember. You will see the option “ Forgot your password? ”. Click on it.
  2. You will see an information window indicating that a code will be sent to your email to reset the password. Press ” Continue “.
  3. Find in your email a Facebook message with a 6-digit code. Enter them and select ” Continue “.
  4. Write a new password complying with the requirements demanded by Facebook.

Identifying photos

If you’ve reset your password with the steps above, Facebook may still put up other barriers to confirm your identity. There are several and one of them is identifying the photos of the friends that you have added to the platform. It is another security measure that appears when you have entered your new password. If you remember the photos of your most frequent contacts, just follow these steps to recover your account:

  1. When you have entered with your email and password correctly, you will see an information window indicating that your account has been blocked for security reasons and now it will proceed with the confirmation of your identity. Press ” Continue “.
  2. Select a security check. Click on ” Identify photos of friends ” and then on ” Continue “.
  3. It will show the instructions to unlock the account with the recognition of some photos. Click ” Continue “. Next you will have to recognize 5 photos of your friends with their respective names.
    When you finish the recognition process, Facebook will ask you to review your recent login. Choose ” Yes ” or ” No “.
  4. Facebook will tell you that you are done with the process. Click on ” Continue “.
  5. You will receive a 6-digit security code in your email. Open the email, enter the code and press ” Continue.”
  6. Now, enter a new password and pressContinue “. When you finish this action you will be able to access your Facebook profile.

Through trusted contacts

Facebook suggests that you place between 3 to 5 trusted friends with whom you can recover your account in case it is hacked, stolen or you have forgotten both your email and your access password. These contacts will receive a security code that they must indicate to you so that you can access your account. If at the time of registering on the platform you entered these contacts, then you can perform the following steps:

  1. Click on ” Forgot your account? ” on Facebook.
  2. It will ask you to enter your email or phone number to search for your account. In case you don’t have either one, you can just write the full name with which you appeared on Facebook, and press “Search”.
  3. Facebook will show different results with the common name. If your account is in that list, select ” This is my account.”
  4. If you are not on the list, choose “ I am not on the list ”.
  5. Facebook will ask you to enter the full name of a friend you have added. When typing, choose ” Search.”
  6. You will see that the option to send you a code to reset your password appears. Click on “ You no longer have access? ”.
  7. Enter and confirm a phone number and a new email address where you can be contacted . Press ” Continue “.
  8. Talk to each of your trusted contacts and ask them to access the URL provided by Facebook. Enter the code indicated and choose ” Continue “.

With identification documents

You can recover your account with photo recognition, help from your friends or identification documents. However, it should be noted that this process can take up to 30 days to verify. Once this is clarified, detail the following steps to recover your Facebook account with identification documents:

  1. When you enter you will see the information window ” Confirm your identity “. Choose ” Continue “.
  2. Press one of the two options, either ” Identify photos of friends ” or ” Ask your friends for help.” Select ” Continue “.
  3. Press “ Confirm my identity in another way ”.
  4. Click on ” Upload a photo ID ” and ” Continue.” You may not see this option instantly. To do this, you must repeat steps 2 and 3 several times.
  5. Read the list of documents that you can attach to recover your Facebook account. If you have one available, choose ” Continue.” If not, select ” I have no identification document for group one.”
  6. You will detail a second list with the documents that you can attach. Choose ” Continue “.
  7. Press ” Choose photo.” Add a photo that effortlessly shows your full name and face. Then, check the appropriate box and click ” Continue “.
  8. Enter a frequently used email .
  9. Facebook will ask you if the email you wrote is safe. Select ” Only I know the password for … “. Then, click on ” Continue “. This will end the process.

No email and no password

If you have changed your email or password when hacking your account , recovering it will be even more complex. Similarly, the platform has a form that reports those login errors. You must take a screenshot of the problem and then fill in the requested fields in the form. See these steps to complete the error report when logging into Facebook :

  1. Go to “Report a bug when logging in. “
  2. Enter an email where you can be contacted.
  3. Write the problem in detail, explaining what you were doing at the time the problem occurred, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.
  4. Press ” Choose files ” and attach a screenshot.
  5. Press ” Send “.

Facebook support

If you have tried all the steps mentioned but still cannot log into your Facebook account, write an email to Explain in detail that you cannot enter your profile and that you have carried out all the procedures to recover the account but that you have not had any results. They may be able to ask you for an identification document to confirm your identity.

As you have observed, you have various tools to recover your stolen or hacked Facebook account. Similarly, you can strengthen the security of your profile by going directly to Facebook Hacked and following the steps mentioned above. Remember that you should change your Facebook password recommended every 4 months and add trusted contacts to help you log in again if you do not have the password or email.

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