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POF: how to login or enter the mail

POF, also known as Plenty Of Fish, is one of the pioneers when it comes to online dating service. Created in 2003 by a single person, it has not stopped reaping successes, accumulating today hundreds of millions of users around the world. In 2015, the Match company (also the owner of Tinder) acquired POF for $ 575 million.

Direct access links

To enter POF and use the services:
Log in to POF
To enter the “ Mail ” section and check new messages:
Check POF mail
Problems logging in?
Keep reading the article for instructions and help with common problems.

To start meeting people or see who has written to you in the last few days after they have scanned your profile, you first need to log into your account! This procedure can be done simply from the website or official application using your email and password chosen when creating an account. Many times this procedure may not be so straightforward, which is why here at InfoCuentas we want to help you.

Login to POF from PC

Logging in from your computer is a simple task that only requires a web browser and an internet connection. You will also require your username and password in order to access your account. You can do it from the official website by following these steps:

  1. Login to by entering said address in your web browser, be it Google Chrome, Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. On the POF home page, go to the blue box that asks for username and password.
  3. Fill in your details and then press the ” Check email ” button.
  4. By pressing the ” Check email ” button, you will have already logged into your POF account and you will be able to use your account without problems.

We do not know for sure why the button says “Check mail” considering that POF is not an email service, however, we assume that it is the new message inbox, which could be considered as an email tray but internal to the service.

Login to POF from Android or iOS

Many users prefer mobile when logging into POF, since mobile applications offer greater ease and speed when interacting within an application. To do this you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Download the application : if you don’t have it yet, you must first download the application for your mobile, whether you have Android or iOS. Here are the links to the app stores:
    • Android :
      POF Free Dating Site
      Developer: Plentyoffish Media ULC
      Price: Free

    • iOS :
      Plenty of Fish quotes
      Developer: PlentyOfFish
      Price: Free +

  2. Open the app after installing it.
  3. Press the text below that says ” Do you already have an account? Log in “.
  4. Enter your username or email chosen when creating an account and then the password.
  5. Press the ” Enter ” button

With these steps you should have successfully logged into your POF account without major setbacks.

Enter POF mail

POF calls the message area of ​​their service “mail” – don’t mistake it for an email inbox! Through POF mail you can exchange messages between users you have met on the site. If what you want is to enter your POF email and review it, you can do it directly from, or, log in normally with the steps that we have described above and going to the “Mail” sector located in the upper bar.

Problems when logging in

Many times there can be problems when logging in. The most common problem is not remembering the password. If this happens to you, you will need to recover your POF password by following these steps:

  1. Try to log in with the last known password by pressing “Check Mail”. As the password is incorrect, a link will appear that says ” Forgot your password? “, Click on that link or go directly to
  2. Enter your email address and click ” Submit.”
  3. Check your email and enter the one sent by POF. In this email you must follow the indicated link.
  4. You will need to enter a new password and confirm it again. When finished, press “Update your password”.

By following these steps, from now on you will be able to log into POF with the new password without any problems.

For more information regarding account recovery, check out our article recover POF accounts.

Country sites to log into POF

Although POF is not a widely used service worldwide as Badoo or Tinder are, it has wide acceptance in Spain and Mexico, as well as to a lesser extent in Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, among others. For the first two countries, POF lists the regional domains:

  • Spain : You can log in from or
  • Mexico : You can access the service from or

However, we have noticed that the regional POF sites are nothing more than clone sites of, so your access data will work the same regardless of the domain from which you are accessing.

Tips for secure login

Logging in or logging into a service is not something you should take lightly. Before logging in, make sure that the computer from which you do it is reliable since it depends on it that your data is not discovered by someone else.

  • Try to make the computer or mobile yours or someone you trust. In this way you will avoid risking the theft of your personal data.
  • Verify that there is an antivirus installed on the computer in question. This will prevent malicious programs from being installed that steal personal data such as passwords.
  • Log out when you finish using your POF account.

It goes without saying that to log into POF you must verify that the website address is indeed the official POF address ( or, since otherwise it is probably a case phishing.

Enjoy the services that POF has to offer you!

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