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It is a dating website, whose main objective is to encourage the development of long-term relationships. It was created and launched on the market curiously on February 14, 2001. Its founder was Hugo Schmale and currently belongs to Parship GmbH, its headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany.

Initially, this company was founded in 2000, but it went online in 2001, after the psychologist Hugo Schmale developed a questionnaire and an algorithm in order to match couples with similar behaviors or ideas.

According to its founder, this site is based on the compatibility algorithm, based on the behavior and psychoanalytic theories of personality of each individual. It has more than 11 million active users, who seek stability in a long-term relationship.


Parship, is aimed at single men and women looking to establish a long-term relationship. However, this company has a parallel service for same-sex relationships, available on a separate website.

The service is completely free, does not require payment to become a member. The vast majority of users of this platform are professional adults, therefore, the operation of the site could be guaranteed in terms of seriousness and reliability.

To register in Parship you just have to go to the website and complete the user information (email and password) selecting your gender, the page automatically detects what you are looking for since they have an alternative site for homosexual couples.

This platform has two versions: free and paid. The latter is the most complete as it allows (for obvious reasons) access to all Parship functions. On the other hand, when using this service (like others available on the web) there are advantages and disadvantages:

  • Higher rate of success in partner formation: With a 38% success rate, Parship is the safest alternative for singles who wish to formalize a relationship.
  • Better users: Unlike other websites of this type, Parship, has a considerable number of registered and active users, with the level of maturity and sufficient seriousness to maintain a stable relationship.
  • Equitable percentage between men and women: Parship, has the same index of users in both sexes, something that allows the fluidity of the web and increases the percentage of possibilities for the creation of couples.
  • Discreet service: Only members of the platform can view your profile. However, that is only what they can see, all your access information such as email and others, will be under strict care.

In addition, Parship guarantees anonymity to each of its members through a totally unknown identification code, which you can replace with a username at any time you want.

Although the advantages of Parship are quite attractive, it also has certain disadvantages or negative characteristics:

  • Higher cost of memberships: It ranks as one of the most expensive dating websites at the moment, which works against for some users.
  • Low influx for singles under 25: Parship has very few singles under the age of 25, so if you are in this age range, you should try other options.
  • It does not allow viewing beyond the couple’s suggestions: You will not be able to view profiles other than the options offered by the web, so you will have to settle for what you “have in front of”.

How does it work?

Once you complete the personality test, the next step is to contact the person who has caught your attention from the options on the list. To do this, Parship offers a list of functions that increase the chances of finding the ideal person for the rest of your life.

Its service strategy is based on the implementation of a psychoanalysis capable of evaluating up to 32 personality traits in each individual, based on a matching of 136 rules.

It is known as the ” Parship Principle.” A personality test that allows to differentiate the qualities or characteristics, which are of great relevance for the long-term relationship. Based on the result of each user, the platform is in charge of forming the possible matches and offers those with the highest match index.

To carry out this process, Parship takes into account 3 essential aspects in the life of a couple : personality (this being the most relevant), habits, preferences and, finally, the interests, tastes or hobbies of each person.

Hugo Schmale personality test

It is the epicenter of Parship. It could be said that this is where the operation of the web lies, because it is in charge of offering singles the possibility of establishing a relationship that lasts over time.

The objective of the Parship personality test is to study, evaluate and offer each individual, the largest possible number of fully compatible candidates, taking as a guide, the results obtained during the review of the questionnaire.

It was developed by its own creator, Hugo Schmale, and covers areas necessary for the relationship, such as lifestyle, interests, personality (the most important) and other necessary data such as long-term goals in a union.

Once finished, the individual receives the list of possible profiles that best suit their responses, a list of approximately 100 users considered “compatible” with their personality test.

How can one take the test? You shouldSign up for Parship to fill out the personality test.

Ice breaker test

Among the Premium features of Parship, is the icebreaker test, the perfect way to start a conversation with the person who has captured your attention. The function of this questionnaire is to evaluate how compatible you and the other user are, with respect to their perspective on life.

Its application is quite simple, it consists of sending to the profile that interests you, a test of 4 questions, which must be answered and sent by both to the Parship platform, which will analyze the answers and issue the results.

Profile compatibility

This Parship function focuses on showing you the level of compatibility between profiles when you decide to view the page of any member of the web. The page automatically displays the compatibility index, based on the personality, habits and interests between the two.


It allows you to send an emoticon or wink to the person you like, attracting their attention in a friendly way. It’s great for starting the conversation naturally, without seeming invasive or desperate.


It is an alternative service, belonging to the same company. It is designed for people of the same sex. It was publicly announced in 2005, thanks to the great success that the page had initially.

Like the site for heterosexuals, in Gay Parship, the main objective is to allow homosexual men and women the opportunity to meet off-screen and establish a pleasant and lasting relationship.

The interface and access requirements for are the same as for the straight version, each user must complete the personality test and select, among the candidates offered by the platform, who they consider will be their “perfect match . “

To make use of the special functions of this portal, each user must contract a Premium membership, in the same way as they would if they were on

Mobile app

The Parship mobile application gives you the facility to find a serious relationship from anywhere you are, with the possibility of keeping in touch with your contacts on the site from your mobile device.

It is available for Android and iOS devices, it can be downloaded completely free of charge in the App Store or in the Play Store, allowing Parship members the same functions as the desktop version. From viewing profiles and partner suggestions, to receiving notifications while the application is running on the phone.

Also, if you have the Premium version, you can send and receive as many messages as you want, view photos from other profiles and use the geolocation or additional search function.

Download the mobile version of Parship:

For Android devices:

Parship: die Dating App, die dich verliebt
Developer: Parship
Price: To be announced

For iOS devices:

Parship – deine Dating App
Developer: PE Digital GmbH
Price: Free +

Reviews (2)

Most opinions about Parship focus on the security and reliability of the service. In the midst of the target audience (people looking for stability in a relationship), this website is very complete in terms of security and, unlike other similar sites, the number of profiles is very small.

The aforementioned is due to the complete personality test that they must answer when entering the site. Something that, for many, can be annoying or tedious. However, this can be considered as positive, depending on each point of view.

On the other hand, the negative opinions of Parship are located in the few profiles available in small cities or far from Spain or Madrid, because this website is based in Germany.

Some user opinions:

  • Andreina, January 2020 : “Parship is great, it limits the number of child profiles that can be found and wasting time. In addition, the probability of finding a mature man, adult and willing to establish a lasting relationship, is greater thanks to the security measures of the site. “
  • Julia, December 2019 : “I am a registered user of Gay Parship and it was there that I met my current partner. Seriousness and reliability, the personality test is also very helpful. “
  • José, February 2020 : “When taking the questionnaire it seemed a bit long, but the amount of options available to an older man like me is not very safe on the street. So I decided to complete it and it was worth it. “
  • María Angélica, March 2020 : “I have only been using Parship for 4 months, but the treatment of men towards me has been very respectful, nothing to do with other pages where they allow the access of fools who are not at all ready to form a home. And even though I still haven’t gotten my perfect knight, I don’t lose hope. “

Other opinions about the web:

  • Juan José, August 2019 : “Expensive and boring. It requires a super investment to be able to talk to women. Besides, it takes almost an hour to complete the damn personality questionnaire to be offered a bunch of old ugly old women. “
  • Henry, January 2020 : “I don’t know what kind of page this is, where there are not even enough women living in my area. What are you playing for? I paid a membership for nothing, all the girls I spoke to were either not my type, or they were millions of miles from my house. “

Plans and prices

In Parship, you must subscribe to Premium plans to be able to send and receive messages to other users since this function is blocked in the free version. Something quite aggressive for those who only want to evaluate the operation of the web, but basically that is what it is about, to study those who are really committed and willing to do everything necessary to find love.

Parship Premium plans include:

  • Premium Lite : It has a cost of € 29.90 per month, with a duration of 3 months, which yields a total of € 89.70.
  • Premium Classic : Its duration is 6 months, with a total cost of € 119.40, so the monthly expense is € 19.90.
  • Premium Comfort : With a monthly cost of € 14.90 and a duration of 12 months, this is the most expensive plan of the 3. It requires a total expenditure of € 178.80.

In any of these options, the user has access to viewing the results of the personality test, unlimited communication, guarantee of contact and viewing of content from other users.


Parship is a great option if you are looking to establish a long-term relationship. It offers you a list of compatible possibilities and with the same objectives and interests of your profile (forming a home and maintaining a stable and lasting relationship).

Furthermore, thanks to the personality test and the acquisition of Premium memberships, it is possible to “separate the wheat from the weeds”, as they are the main requirements to be able to access the matching suggestions and establish contact with whoever interests you. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that the singles available on this website “are the cream of the crop” from the immense list of Europe and the world.

Finally, all your information will be completely safe, something quite useful to avoid spam and unwanted contact from unwelcome or unknown people.

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