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How to upload stories to Instagram from PC

Uploading stories on Instagram from your computer is seemingly impossible. Well, a large part of the functions of this social network are limited to its mobile version and this is included in this list. However, there are quick and useful ways to do this, they are carried out from the browser following a series of simple steps. However, you should know that most of the features are not available.

Among the main limitations are changing the size of the text, adding stickers, locations, GIFs or drawing with your finger. The latter is evident since the computer does not have a touch function. However, features like include photos or videos, include typography, change the color or draw with the pencil if you can use them. To know how to upload stories, keep reading this post.

Method 1: Using a code box

This method consists of giving the computer the momentary appearance of a telephone with the help of keyboard commands. To add Stories to your Instagram account from your computer, follow the steps described below.

  1. Enter the desktop version of Instagram by doingclick here.
  2. If necessary, log out of your account (This step is essential for the procedure to work).
  3. Right click anywhere on the screen and select ” Inspect ” from the list of options.
  4. This will open a code window where you must click on the devices icon ( Toogle Device Toolbar ).
    Note : You can also access this option using the Ctrl + Shift + M key command .
  5. This will convert the website to responsive (Mobile version). Enter your access credentials and log into your account again.

Important : You should not close the code window until you log in or the website will return to its desktop version.

Now that you have logged into Instagram, you can upload your stories by following the same steps you would use on your cell phone. Take into account the observations described at the beginning of this text to know which functions you can use and which ones are not available.

Here you will find a video explaining the previous steps in detail. In turn, you will see how to proceed with the placement of stickers, filters and others.

Method 2: Using key command

The second method to use to be able to upload stories to Instagram from the PC, is to use the F12 and F5 keys respectively. It is a procedure that will allow you to directly access the code box described above. Look at the step by step in the description below:

  1. Login to and log into your account.
  2. Press F12 on your keyboard.
  3. This will open the code box, you will now have to press F5.

Note : In case it doesn’t work when pressing the F5 key, you can click the devices icon inside the code box (top left).

By doing so, you will be able to use Instagram as if you were on your mobile. Start uploading your Stories by clicking on the camera icon and looking for your files on your computer.

Alternative method

If for some reason none of the previous methods convinces you enough, you can download extensions from Google to use Instagram on your PC as if it were a cell phone. Among the most used areApp for Instagram,Downloader for Instagram andWeb for Instagram.

Through any of these methods you can use Instagram functions that are only available in the official app of the social network on your computer. However, do not forget that certain features are limited or do not work on the PC.

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