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How to upload or put any Gif from the Internet to my Instagram story

One of the latest news that the different social networks have added to their platforms is to upload and share the same stories. These stories are usually quite useful in case you want to share an image or video, but it does not last more than 24 hours on the platform.

Likewise, different methods have been added to the stories to personalize them beyond the content they present. That is, you can add texts, music and even Gifs, which are not limited to those presented by the platform, since you can put any Gif from the internet to your story.

For this reason, we will show you a guide with simple steps so that you can learn to upload or put any Gif from the internet in your Instagram story easily.

Why can’t I put Gifs on my Instagram story?

One of the latest news that has been added to the Instagram was the possibility of placing animated Gifs in the same to make the stories more striking and thus obtain more views on the Instagram . However, some users report that they cannot put Gif on their Instagram.

gif for Instagram

If this is your case, the reason why you cannot add Gifs to your Instagram may be due to the fact that the version of the application that you have installed on your mobile device is old and does not have the option to add Gifs. 

On the other hand, there are times when you could not place Gif in stories, it does not depend on the version of Instagram that you have installed on your Android or iOS device, but on the social network platform. Well, it usually performs purging with respect to the Gifs that it considers have racist, violent reasons, or that discriminate of some kind against other users.

Therefore, you should make sure to use Gifs in your Instagram that are suitable to be displayed without any inconvenience on the platform.

How to upload or put any Gif from the internet to my Instagram story?

Instagram has a wide variety of Gifs that you can place according to your preference in the Instagram that you want to share with your followers, however, the inconvenience occurs when you want to add to these stories a Gif from the internet or that is not found on the network Social.

In this case, the best option at your disposal is to change the keyboard of your Android or iOS device for one that has support for Gifs. Once you have this accessory, you must enter the Instagram platform and upload a story, or add the Instagram story from your mobile gallery .

put gif on Instagram

Later, instead of going to the ‘Stiker’ section, you must select the option ‘Add text’. Now, in this window, the keyboard of your device will be displayed, and to add any Gif from the internet to your Instagram story, you must select this section on your keyboard to add the Gif from there.

Finally, after you have selected the Gif that you want to add to the story, you will only have to place it in the image or video that you want to share, as if it were a text box and voila, you will only have to upload your story to Instagram with this internet Gif.

How to upload or put a custom Gif to my Instagram story?

The Instagram platform has a large number of Gifs that you have at your disposal to add to any story you want to share. Many times this amount is much more than their variety, so it is necessary to go to external ways to add Gifs of any kind to the images and videos of the stories.

For this reason, if you want to add a personalized Gif to your story or one that you have seen on the internet, you will only have to add it and save it in the Gif of the keyboard that has this support, as we explained in the previous section.

Therefore, once you have added the personalized Gif or downloaded from the internet, the procedure to add it to your Instagram is not excessively complicated. Well, once you have accessed the editing window of your story, you must enter the ‘Add text’ section and select the personalized Gif you want to add, and finally share it.

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