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How to update Facebook to the latest version possible on iOS and Android

Keeping Facebook updated on your iOS or Android device is what experts in technology and social networks recommend in order to make the most of the experience that the tools of this app offer to its users. Also, not refreshing the Facebook versions on your devices will eventually make the app somewhat obsolete.

Luckily, updating the Facebook app turns out to be a very simple task on both Operating Systems, it will only take a minute while you enter the corresponding virtual application store and even with the help of an APK file. In this post you will learn how to do it through a few simple steps that you will see below.

On Android

On Android you can update the Facebook app using the Google Play Store. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Once you are in the application store, click on the folding button in the upper left that is identified by three horizontal lines.
  2. Press the option ” My apps and games “.
  3. Click on the ” Updates ” tab , and look through the options in the ” Facebook ” list .
  4. Finally, press the ” Update ” button.

Note : If this button, instead of saying “Update”, says ” Open “, this means that the application has already been updated to the latest version available.

If you wish, you could shorten the process much more by entering this link, through which you will go directly to the Facebook section on Google Play and you will only have to click on ” Update “, if you have any pending update available.

Using an APK file

If you cannot update Facebook on your Android device from the official operating system store, you have the option of using an APK with the latest version available to perform this action. For this, you must download these types of files from a trusted website, you can use this link to do so:

It is important that, before proceeding to install the application, you activate the Unknown sources option on your phone. To do this, follow the path Settings> Security> Unknown sources. Once this is done, you just have to find the file, run it and follow the steps shown on the screen to install the app.

On iOS

On iOS, unlike Android, you only have one method to update Facebook to the latest version, which is through the App Store. To perform this action, you must carefully follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Enter the App Store on your device.
  2. Look at the bottom right and press the ” Updates ” or ” Updates ” button and search for Facebook. Note : If you cannot find the Facebook application in this list, it means that there is no new update available for the app.
  3. Now you just have to click on the ” Update ” option that appears next to the social network icon.

You can also enter directly through this link to the Facebook app section in the App Store and, if you can update it, the ” Update ” button will appear next to the FB logo. Click on it and you just have to wait for the download and installation to run.

The importance of keeping the app updated

As with many applications, and even more so with those of social networks, as time goes by, new malware develops that are capable of taking advantage of their vulnerabilities to enter and violate their security. Which puts users’ information at risk and hinders their experience within the app.

As Facebook and its developers know about this situation, they create new updates periodically, with which they intend to strengthen the security of the application to keep your data or personal information that you have within the social network protected.

But, in addition to this, through updates, Facebook developers also seek to provide a better interface with new or better developed tools that offer an evolution in the user experience.

As you have seen throughout this post, updating Facebook is an extremely simple task. The procedure to be carried out will depend on the Operating System you use. Whatever the case, in this article you have seen how to do it and what is the importance of keeping the application updated.

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