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How to update facebook lite quickly and easily? Step by step guide

At present, practically all of us have a profile on one of the most used social networks in history, Facebook . Generally speaking, your website works very well and everyone can use it frequently without having any kind of problem. But its applications are still not completely achieved and sometimes you have to update Facebook Lite to get the best version, which includes the latest of the latest. Do you want to know how to do it?

In the beginning, the developers created applications that were too heavy that did not work on some terminals. In addition, they were an extra load for the processor and RAM of the mobile device; which slowed him down in many ways. For this reason, Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the social network, asked his programmers to design the well-known Lite versions of his social app . In this way, an attempt is made to alleviate the burden on phones and cell phones a bit, while giving the user the possibility to choose between the heavier app but with more functionalities or the Lite version of Facebook, lighter and more simplified. , all this will depend on your tastes, uses and the capacity of your smartphone.

The creation of the Lite version comes to solve the problems of space on the phone, since the entire application is close to half a gigabyte and this is a capacity not available on many devices. Also, it has the advantage that it is the user who decides what he uses of this application, since not all of us use all its features in full; has a possibility of customization. quite interesting.

Update Facebook Lite to the latest version for free

Facebook Lite It is oriented to mobile technology, which is based on an FB chat and allows us to be connected with our friends on the social network in a much easier and faster way. The Lite-type versions are primarily created to work on resource-poor mobile phones. Therefore, you will see that it offers much less options than the official application, but if what you want is speed and simplicity, FB Lite is highly recommended .

Facebook Lite is an application that works almost the same as the messaging section of FB itself, with the difference that some details do not appear to make Lite a lighter application. Among its functionalities you can find the following:

You can make voice calls, send audios, videos and photos to your friends on the social network . In addition, although there is less variety and they are somewhat smaller in size, you can use simple emoticons in conversations and visit your friend’s profile by clicking directly on the photo of the conversation. In any case, developers try to make improvements very regularly, so it is best to update to their latest update to always enjoy all the available changes.

Next, I am going to explain what you must do on each type of device to be able to update Facebook Lite to its latest version at no cost . However, and unfortunately, Apple phone users will not yet be able to enjoy this app on their terminals, but now we will explain the available solution in more detail.

Download and update via PlayStore for Android

If you have an Android mobile or cell phone, I recommend that you follow the steps that I show you to get this lightweight app. It is important to note that Facebook Lite does not appear for all users of the Google Store, it is only included in some countries. In any case, the steps to follow will be:

  1. Go to Google Play on your phone and look for the application in the search section by typing “Facebook Lite ” or you can go directly from the links above .
  2. Click on “Install ” and it will automatically start downloading and installing later.
  3. In order to update it, know that this application updates automatically when it detects that you are connected to a Wifi network and you have a necessary battery charge.
  4. If you do not meet these requirements then you must click on the option “Update ” Facebook Litethat appears in the Google Store to do it manually. When that option has disappeared, you will have the confirmation that you are already in the latest version.

How to download and install the Facebook Lite APK for Android?

This lightweight FB application is much lighter and works in network conditions of any kind. It has been specially created for older Android phones and for 2G networks and areas with very unstable network connection. In addition, it receives continuous updates, so updating Facebook Lite means enjoying a significant amount of functionality making use of the minimum amount of resources on your cell phone.

Download APK Facebook Lite for Android

For obvious security reasons, it is best that you download the APK directly from the links above that we recommend, they are 100% safe.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. First of all, you must make sure that you have enabled the option to allow the download and installation of third-party programs. To be able to do this you must go to the configuration menu of your terminal and in the security section you must activate the option “Allow unknown sources “.
  2. Afterwards, you must download Facebook Lite to be able to install the .apk file (format in which the installation files are presented in Android).
  3. Once you have downloaded the file, all you have to do is go to the download folder and open it.
  4. Also, you can take advantage of the notification that tells you that the download has finished and click on it. Either of these two methods will allow the app to be ready to be used.
  5. From now on, you just have to enter the application and enter your username and password to start using it; it’s a really simple set of steps.

How to install through the iOS APP Store for iPhone?

Facebook Lite is not available (to date) to be installed on the phones of the apple company, Apple. Many iPhone users complain about the problems for them having to download FB in full. There are many performance problems and the large size of this collapses in many cases the internal storage of the phone itself.

Anyway, Apple, in contrast, has made a breakdown of applications. That is, it offers the FB Chat application separately . In this way, users who only want to enjoy the functions of Facebook as a social network will not see their application altered unless the Chat module is also downloaded .

This module, in addition, is only opened when the user requests it, so you can have it in specific cases and then delete said application from the phone itself. This option is very beneficial for users who have storage problems on smartphones.

The main advantages offered by this service for iphone users are:

  • Less weight: to only dedicate to chat and send photos
  • Lower number of phone requirements: You don’t need to have the “super-latest” iPhone model, as this app has few RAM and processor requirements.
  • Lower battery consumption: The battery penalty in older models is very large, so the Lite applications are appreciated by not needing so many resources in this regard.

Differences between Facebook Lite and “normal” Facebook

Both the Facebook app and the Lite version need to be updated. Comparing the two becomes a very simple task, because the two are really very different . On the main screen of both you will always find a record with all the conversations you have had. All your contacts also appear so you can start a new chat with them, sorting them by active and inactive. You will find a button to create chat groups .

In both applications you have a button that links directly to your Facebook profile and from where you can make changes to it. But you can also see that there are differences between the two.

  • FB Normal  has all the functionalities you need to be able to talk with your friends, but it presents many options that are not necessary to maintain fluid communication.
  • By contrast, Facebook Lite it is a messaging app where add-ons that are not authentically necessary are omitted.

We also found that the contact search bar in Messenger always appears at the top and in Lite it is hidden and will only appear if you enter your contact list. You can see how to update Facebook in its full version here .

You will also notice a difference at the bottom of your screen:

In the broader version of the program there are sections for active users and for groups; In addition, functionalities of the FB application itself are added. In Lite this is not the case, since functionalities such as the option to play minigames with your contacts, to be able to make group video conferences, take photos by accessing the camera or send photos that you have already published on your social network are eliminated .

In the main version you have an option where you can request a person to add you to their contacts by scanning a QR code on their profile . There is also an option that makes new chats appear as a kind of bubble on your phone. These options are obviously heavier for our mobile devices, so they are not enjoyed in FB Lite.

Another notable difference is that in Lite you simply have to open the application and start talking, but in the full application you can include greetings or send invitations to people who are not using it. You can also send emojis, animated gifts and other graphic options . If you want, you can start a secret conversation where the content you may have disappears when you leave the conversation itself.

In addition, you will be able to start a plan or event from the chat itself, so that participants, destinations and a chat in reference to it can be added. In the full version you also have more possibilities at the design level, so that you can customize the chat window by changing the color or appearance of the application with personalized motifs. This is something that seems obvious because, as we say, what differentiates them is their weight and need for device resources.

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