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How to unsubscribe or cancel your YouTube Red free trial

If you want to listen to music online and not necessarily from the radio , in general people tend to go to various web platforms, where they can find a wide musical diversity or, failing that, this serves as a blank space to let their tastes run .

Youtube network, is a video transmission service , which guarantees you a special use where you may be a victim of annoying ads. Although within the platform you can carry out many things, it is generally an ideal space for sharing knowledge and leisure.

Applications and functions such as those we have named, work thanks to a subscription, which supports your financing and content promotion. It should be noted that said subscription must be paid month by month in a timely manner, if what you want is to continue enjoying the application.

But, if you become dissatisfied with the service that it can offer you or you are not sure of being able to comply with the payments, you can choose to cancel said application without any problem. If you want to know a little more about this, you just have to keep reading this post.

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How to access YouTube Red subscription

  1. To begin, you must go to the YouTube Red page , accessing the following link
  2. Once there, you can find the YouTube Red main page, where you can access all the information about the services, precious, functions and frequently asked questions.
  3. When you log in, you will find the “Try it free ” button.
  4. Once you press said button, you will be able to see a screen, which will inform you about the validity of said trial period.

It should be noted that being a trial period. This is free, so the subscription price will be canceled once the trial month has ended.

If you want to keep the service, since you are satisfied with it, you only have to indicate the payment method with which you want to make the subscription and this will be deducted from your account month by month, until you decide to cancel it. For this, you can use your credit, debit or even PayPal card .

How to cancel the grutita test

If you have already tried this service, but feel that it is not for you, you can cancel your free trial without any problem. In order to cancel the service you must enter the YouTube Red page . After that, go to the menu of your options panel and then locate yourself on the Purchases button.

Once there, you must go to the Manage Membership link . You will see that there, an option will appear, which serves to cancel the membership, once you press the cancellation options, the action will be effective immediately.

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How to disable YouTube Red from any smartphone and tablet

If you want to deactivate the YouTube Red options from your Smartphone or tablet, which is equipped with Android, just follow the following steps:

  1. To begin you must access your Google settings , in which you must choose the option “Paid subscriptions “, which you can find within the options menu that appears there.
  2. Within this screen, you will find an option that says: Manage for YouTube Premium. When you press it, you must press the “Unsubscribe ” button .
  3. There you must indicate a reason why you want to cancel your subscription. Then mark the options that are available there and press “continue.
    With this, all the service will have been canceled and you can continue in the search for the perfect service for you.

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