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How to sign in to slack in spanish and connect easily and quickly? Step by step guide

Slack is the communications platform that has revolutionized modern internal work environments . If you are interested in knowing how to log into Slack in Spanish and connect easily and quickly, then keep reading this practical step-by-step guide.

The application is responsible for providing a private space to facilitate communication in real time . In this way, the tool replaces the use of forums, email and instant messaging applications.

In Slack you have access to multiple functions . All the data interacts before your eyes, and allows you to integrate the App with many other useful tools. Learn how to take advantage of this interesting application! .

Learn step by step how to easily and easily log into Slack from any device

The first step to becoming part of the Slack community is to create an account . You can use the same email address for one or more workspaces on the platform.

Learn step by step how to easily and easily log into Slack from any device:

On mobile

You can do it through a magic link or manually if you have the URL of your workspace.

Here are the steps for both Android and iOS:

  • Download the application of Slack from Google Play Store .
  • Open the App on your mobile device. Then press “Sign in” .
  • Press the “Send me a magic link” button .
  • In the box that appears on the screen, enter your email address. Next, click on “Open email application”.
  • In your inbox, locate and open the email from Slack.
  • Within the email, press the “Confirm email address” button .
  • Finally, to log in, press the “Next” button . In the event that your organization or workspace uses “Single Sign-On (SSO)”, which uses the markup language for security confirmations (SAML). You will need to authenticate with the SSO provider that corresponds to your company.
  • If you have your workspace URL handy, you can manually log in with your email and password .

In the computer

The process through the computer is carried out through the official application. Keep in mind that, to log in, you will be redirected to the browser, before being redirected to the App .

The steps to follow are:

  • Open the Slack app on your computer . Then press “Sign in” .
  • You will be redirected to your default browser. Then enter where the email address is indicated.
  • If your company or workspace uses the SSO system, you must authenticate with your provider in order to log in.
  • You must verify your email address to receive a confirmation code. When you have received it in your inbox, enter the code in the browser. Your workspace in the application will open automatically.
  • If you are a member of several workspaces, you will have the option to access them. You just have to click on “Start” next to the name of the space you want to enter.
  • If you want to log in with your Google account, press “Login” in the desktop App.
  • Once you are redirected to the browser, click on “Continue with Google”. Just select the account you belong to. The workspace in the application opens automatically.

In the browser

The process for logging in through the browser is quite simple. You just need to enter the link below

Then follow these steps:

  • On the screen, two options appear . You can enter your email to verify your address and receive a confirmation code in your inbox.
  • If your company or workspace uses the SSO system, you must authenticate with your provider to complete the login process.
  • Once you receive the code, enter it in the space indicated. Your workspace will automatically open in the browser.
  • If you are part of several workspaces, you can log in to any of these by pressing the “Start” button , right next to the name that identifies each space.
  • You can click “Continue with Google” to log in with your Google account. The workspace opens automatically in the browser.

The best tips to get the most out of the Slack tool and be more productive in your projects

Through Slack you can send messages and files to your colleagues to make your work days much more productive. However, the platform is not limited to those functions.

Here are the best tips to get the most out of the Slack tool and be more productive in your projects:

Install Slack on all your devices

If you are a new member on the platform, you should have the computer software and the application for mobile devices . This way you get your Slack account or workspace to be synchronized on all your teams, no matter where you are. Everything you do will be reflected on other devices, you will not miss notifications and you can resume messages.

Learn to work with channels

The Slack platform is managed through configurable channels. Through the channels, members can exchange messages and share files in real time . These channels can only be created by the administrator. These should be sectioned to deal with various topics. The channels can be public or private, and easy to locate through the search engine.

Show who you are in the profile

Filling your profile with interesting data is a fundamental aspect of any web platform. Workgroups can hold more than one hundred members. For this reason, it is important to provide all the necessary information to give a clear idea about your person and image. Keep your photo up to date, use your full name, contact information, position and work hours.

Follow the thread of conversations

Messages are the main means of communication in Slack . These can be: Direct message, general message, or thread message. The latter work to keep the focus on a specific topic. The threads can start from any normal conversation or direct message, through one of the channels enabled in the workspace.

Establish a work schedule

You probably don’t want to receive notifications from your coworkers at a particular time of the day. To do this, Slack gives you the ability to set a work or rest schedule . This ensures that the other members respect the occasions when you are not available. Just enter the menu, press “Notifications” and define a schedule.

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