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How to send WhatsApp messages without adding the recipient to your contacts

WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging platform in the world. And it is that more than a billion active users send texts, images, videos, etc. daily. to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. But although many useful functions, since its launch WhatsApp lacks one particular feature. This time we refer to the inability to send WhatsApp messages without adding contact.

This is a problem when we have to add someone we don’t really know as a contact, just to send them a few messages. Sometimes we don’t even know the name of the person we’ve added; for example, the electrician, plumber, bricklayer, etc. However, there is a solution for this, with which you can send WhatsApp messages without adding to contacts.

NOTE: The ability to send messages on WhatsApp without adding the contact only works on Android devices. There is no such app and no method to send messages on WhatsApp without adding contact on iPhone.

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How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contact

The solution is quite easy, and it only takes a few seconds to implement. Just follow the steps below:

STEP 1. First, you must download the Click2Chat WhatsApp application  from the  Google Play Store  . This is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying any money.

STEP 2. Once the application is open, you will be able to write the specific phone number and even change the country code. Then you write your message, click on � Send Now �, which will take you directly to the WhatsApp application; then you can press the Send button. That said, you can also choose to schedule messages to be sent at a later date or time by clicking on ” Send Later “.

Send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts

As you can see, it has not been difficult. That’s all you have to do, if you want to easily send WhatsApp messages to a number that is not in your contact list. Once the conversation has started, you can return to WhatsApp at any time and reply to messages within the chat. Basically, Click2Chat helps you start a WhatsApp conversation with an unknown number in seconds.

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