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How to send my location by Messenger in real time

Sharing your location is a very useful feature in various circumstances. In this guide we will see how you can send your location by Messenger in real time.

The purpose of the location sharing function is that you can send your current location or in real time, so that the recipient can find you. This way the person you are sending to can track, follow and find you using Facebook Messenger.

In other publications we have seen how you can send your location by WhatsApp, and even how to track people with Facebook Messenger. But then let’s see the steps to send location

How to send location by Messenger

# 1. Open Facebook Messenger and start a conversation with the person you want to send your location to.

# 2. Pressing the button M� s (+) next to the camera icon, and choose the location.

# 3. If you have not shared your location before, the application will ask you to access the function.

# 4. Your current location will open highlighted on the map. Press the Share current location button .

# 5. Facebook Messenger may request additional permission to access your location even when you are not using the application. 

# 6. Once you grant the application additional permissions, your location will begin to be shared by Messenger with the person who sent it.

Stop real-time location

The app displays a run timer that tells how long your location will continue to be shared. Your live location will automatically stop sharing after one hour.

However, you can stop sharing it before then. Press the ” STOP SHARING ” option in the message sent to your friend to deactivate the live location.

Why share location on Messenger?

Sending your location via Facebook Messenger is a useful way to keep your friends and family up to date on your current location when you drive. You won’t have to stop repeatedly to tell them where you are.

The feature has some implications, when it comes to privacy and battery life. Facebook applications usually consume a lot of energy. Regarding privacy, the application can now access your location even when you are not using it. This could be of concern to many users.

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