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How To Send Gifts On Badoo Live For Free With No Credits Or No Coins – Find Out Here

Technology has revolutionized, even influencing, the way you can meet other people and Badoo is one of those platforms that prove it. This platform has gained popularity in recent years and has featured exciting updates, including the ability to send gifts on Badoo Live for free with no credits or no coins.

The new Badoo feature allows you to establish a much more interesting dynamic with other users. This generates certain rewards that you can use to send a gift to the contact you want.

Do you already know what Badoo is?

Social networks are the most used platforms in the world. Some social networks stand out for being more informative, others for being more practical from a commercial point of view.

And finally, there are those social networks that are ideal for meeting other people. Either in order to expand your social circle … or in search of a possible love relationship.

Badoo falls into the latter group. Founded in 2006 under the leadership of Andrey Andreev. It is considered one of the most important social networks in Russia. By 2018, the platform had more than 395 million registered users.

The application operates under the so-called “Freemium” mode, in which it has a free version and a Premium version. Therefore, certain elements or functions can only be used if you pay for it.

social network dating badoo

Availability in various regions

Beyond being one of the most important Russian applications, Badoo has undergone a wonderful expansion. As the years have passed, the platform has been available in practically every country in Latin America.

Similarly, its use is very frequent in countries such as France, Italy and Spain. All this popularity has made Badoo recognized in more than 180 countries.

Badoo, Phishing and blocking

The accessibility of the information of registered users on this platform has been the cause of numerous problems. On the one hand, Badoo user data has been used for identity theft .

But not all criminals are entirely smart. Some profiles have given clear clues of interests lacking legality. Thus facilitating the intelligence work of some countries.

Others have simply decided to end the problem at its roots. Some countries simply do not agree with the content that can be shared on Badoo. This is how Iran, for example, blocked the platform in mid-2010.

Create an account on Badoo

Despite the drawbacks that have arisen, Badoo is still a great way to meet people. You can access the platform from your computer or Android or iOS mobile device.

Creating an account is extremely simple. Either from the web version or from the application, you only have to provide your personal data. Set up your profile and start chatting or sending gifts on Badoo Live for free.

How to send gifts on Badoo Live for free with no credits or no coins?

Badoo Live is the new version of the platform. A function that has attracted a lot of attention due to the dynamics that are established. It is no longer just a matter of checking a user’s profile… you can also interact live!

Badoo Live is, then, a streaming service where you can broadcast what you are doing and interact with others. By simply streaming, you will start earning coins. These coins will be used to send gifts.

badoo live stream platform

Is it possible to send gifts without credits or without coins?

When trying to send a gift, you will immediately see that each gift requires a number of coins. Therefore, it is not possible. If you don’t want to spend your coins, you can meet some of the challenges that Badoo imposes during your broadcast.

Or simply meet challenges or satisfy requests from other users in exchange for coins to send gifts on Badoo Live for free.

What are you waiting to try it?

The new version of Badoo is being very important to resurface to a platform that was long displaced. Will you take advantage of getting the most out of it? Create an account and start earning coins to send gifts on Badoo Live!

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