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How to send files and documents through Facebook Messenger

Facebook continues to be one of the internet sites where users spend the most time, and Messenger is also one of the most widely used messaging services. So if you need to  send files over the internetFacebook Messenger  may be your most accessible option.

Whether they are PDF documents , Word or Excel files – and of course – photos and videos, sending files through Messenger chat is quick and easy. Of course, there is the limit of 25MB per file, so to send larger files you will have to use a link like in  WhatsApp. The advantage of sending documents and files through Messenger is that the option is at hand and you don’t have to use any other service.

How to send PDF files through Messenger from my cell phone

Although the Messenger mobile app does not yet integrate the option to upload files, you can attach and send a file with the share function of your cell phone:

First you must open the file that you want to send via Messenger, and when it opens, press the Share icon .

Among the options that appear, find and choose Messenger.

Now select the contact (s) you want to send the file to and press Send.

The file will be attached and uploaded in a moment, depending on its size, and will be sent to the recipients.

As you have seen, it is not difficult to send files through Messenger from your cell phone. The application does not directly upload the file, but with the share function it works very well.

You can also do this directly by opening the file from another application and using the share function. Like for example, to send a PDF file from WhatsApp to Messenger.

Send files via Facebook on your computer

If you are on your computer, with Facebook Messenger in the browser you can send your files instantly in this way:

Go to Facebook on your computer’s browser, click on the Messenger icon in the upper right corner and select See all in Messenger at the bottom of the menu.

Select the contact, click the Open more actions button   (+) at the bottom left of the chat window, and select the Add a file option   (clip icon).

Find the file (s)  you want to send using the File Explorer window that opens.

You can select multiple files to send at once, and you can even drag and drop them to the Messenger window.

Now you will be able to see the files added to send by Messenger in a queue of the chat sale. To send them press the Enter key   or click the Send icon .

If you added files by mistake, before sending you can use the (X) to delete or cancel files that you don’t want to send.

After sending the files through Messenger, they can be seen in the chat and their type can even be distinguished by the characteristic icon.

That’s it, you know how to send files and documents through Facebook Messenger. The recipient will be able to download and open the document you have sent them without any problems.

By the way, remember that you can always  send a Facebook video by WhatsApp  directly. If you have to send a large number of files, such as photos and documents, you should try  sending a folder in the mail.

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