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How to see requests sent on Instagram from cell phone and PC

We have seen before how to see your friend requests sent on Facebook, and you can do the same on Instagram. In this post you will learn the steps to follow to see the requests sent on Instagram from the cell phone and the PC.

If you send a follow request on Instagram and the account is private, the person must approve your request. Over time, you may accumulate many pending requests. So I guess you want to know who you sent a follow request to and have ignored you or see your pending requests on Instagram. Below I will show you how to do it in simple steps.

See requests sent on Instagram from your cell phone

To view pending follow requests sent on Instagram from the mobile app on Android, iPhone, etc., follow these steps:

# 1. Open the Instagram application and go to your profile by pressing your image or the icon at the bottom right.

# 2. Press the Tools menu , select Settings, and on the next screen choose Security.

# 3. Under the Data and history section , tap Access data.

# 4. Scroll down to the Connections section , and click the See all link under Current fan requests.

Here you can see the requests sent on Instagram to people who have their private profile and who have not yet been accepted.

Cancel pending requests

If you want to cancel follow requests sent on Instagram, do this:

  • Copy each account you want to delete from the Current Followers Requests page.
  • Paste it in the Instagram search and go to the person’s profile.
  • Then cancel or unfollow the person from their profile.
  • Repeat with each pending request that you want to cancel.

View pending requests on Instagram from PC

You can also find out who you sent a request to on Instagram from the web version on your computer. You can use it in the browser on your mobile, but on the computer it will be much faster and more convenient.

# 1: Log into Instagram from the website and go to your profile

The first thing to do is go to the Instagram website from the browser on your computer. Log in with your credentials, if you haven’t already, and click on your profile picture in the upper right.

# 2: Go to your Privacy and security settings

From your Instagram profile, click on the tool icon and choose Privacy and security.

Then scroll down to the Account Details section and click the View Account Details link  .

# 3: view your pending follow-up requests

After accessing your account details, in the Contacts section and under Current follow-up requests, click the See all link  .

On the Current Follow-up Requests page , you’ll see a list of the accounts you have requested to follow and have not approved.

Alternatively you can get the same result by going directly to the following link:

  • instagram..

It is not difficult to see the requests submitted on Instagram. Although there is no option to cancel them, there is a way to delete them one by one. I show you in the next step.

Cancel sent follow-up requests

Now that you know which accounts you have sent follow-up requests to, to cancel them you must copy and paste the name of each account in the Instagram search and stop following them.

Copy the name of one of the accounts, paste it into the search and hit the Enter key .

It will take you to the account profile. You must click the Requested button .

In the window that appears, click Unfollow.

Repeat the same steps for each request you want to cancel. This process may take time depending on the number of follow-up requests you have pending.

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