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How to see or know my Facebook email from my cell phone if I forgot

When you keep your Facebook session always open, you tend to forget your password and email. If that is your case and you do not remember the email that you have linked to your Facebook account, don’t worry, it is very easy to find out the email you entered when opening your account; This tutorial will tell you how to see or know the Facebook email from your cell phone if you forget it

Steps to view the email registered in Facebook from the cell phone:

The steps to follow to know the email that is linked to the Facebook account are simple, but the process is longer on the mobile phone than on the PC ; This tutorial will teach you how to find out the email both on the cell phone and on the PC. These are the steps to follow from the Facebook Lite application:  

  1. Access the Facebook Lite application.
  2. Once inside your Facebook profile, go to the upper right corner and click on the icon of three horizontal lines (one below the other).
  3. When a menu is displayed, look for and select the option ‘Configuration’, this option has on the right side the icon of a cogwheel.
  4. In the new section you will get several sections where you can configure your account; but to see the email that you have linked to your profile you must go to the first section called ‘ Account settings’.
  5. In this section you must click on the first option ‘Personal information’.
  6. In the ‘Personal information’ section you will see a box with your account name, email address and phone number. If you want to change the email because you no longer use that email, you can do so by clicking on ‘Edit’.

two women tried to find out their facebook email

When you click on the ‘Edit’ option you can make various adjustments regarding email; for example, change the email you currently have for another, you can also add a second email so that your profile has two email addresses; If you have two email addresses, in this section you can change the status, that is, select which will be the primary and secondary email.

The email that you have established as the main one is where all the notifications from Facebook will arrive; But if at any time you deactivate the notifications so that they no longer reach your email , you will stop reaching the main email, but you will continue to receive notifications in the email that you have established as secondary.

How do I know the email I use on Facebook from my PC?

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Within your profile, click on the arrowhead that is located in the upper right corner.
  3. When the menu is displayed, click on the option ‘Settings and privacy’.
  4. In the new menu select the option ‘Settings’, this option has on the left side the icon of a cogwheel.
  5. On the screen you will immediately see the section ‘General account settings’; In this section, the email address that you have linked to your Facebook account will appear. In that section you can change the email, even if you want you can add a secondary email.

How to know someone else’s email on Facebook from your mobile?

  1. Once inside your Facebook profile, go to the profile of the person whose email address you want to know. You can find a person on Facebook through their phone number or with a photo quickly and easily .

    person activating the privacy of his facebook account

  2. In this account you will see the profile and cover photo of the person, below these images you will see various personal data of the account owner, but you will also see the option ‘See more about … (your friend’s name)’ ; click on that option.
  3. In the “Information” section you should look for the section called ‘Contact information’, in this section you will find the email address and mobile number of your friend. If you do not see the person’s email, it is because they have this information hidden from their friends and other users.  

Facebook is a very complete and easy-to-use social network; If you still have questions about some of the functions of this popular application, visit where you will find tutorials that will guide you to make better use of this social network.

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