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How to search for person on twitter and find them? Step by step guide

Are you looking for a person on Twitter and don’t know how to find them? This is something that happens a lot to many users. If you do not have all the data of someone, it can be a real nightmare to find them in the social network of the blue bird, but from the outset we tell you that it is not impossible at all.

Twitter makes available to its users a series of search filters to help them find any profile they want, although this requires using a bit of common sense. Many people do not know how to do this, but it is quite possible and simple to do once you know where to hit the right sticks.

In this article we are going to teach you how to search for a person on Twitter in the correct way to find them . You will know all the possible methods to do this, to the point that when you finish reading you will be a social media detective who will be able to find practically anyone you want just by using the multiple tools that the platform puts at your disposal.

Steps to search and find a person within the social network Twitter

There are several methods that can be used to find a person on any social network, not just Twitter. Of course, some of the ones that we will explain to you are “underground”, that is, very little known and unorthodox ways of meeting people.

Here we explain what these strategies are and how to apply them:

Search by username

The username is a unique name that we choose when registering on the platform, it is something that only we have, so it is the most infallible data that exists to search for a person in this and most of the social networks.

Doing so is pretty easy. You simply have to use the search bar of the platform and enter the user you are looking for .

As it is such a precise data, it is possible that when you press enter to accept the search, you will go directly to the indicated profile, so the next step will be simply to click on “Follow”.

Search by full name

One of the most classic and easy ways to search and find someone on Twitter is with their full first name, including their last name. This is also one of the most effective if you do not have the username, since you provide direct and accurate information about the person. For this, the platform puts at your disposal its search bar, which is used to find anything within it.

What you should do is put the full name of the person and see the profiles that appear until you find the one you are looking for. To reduce the search radius, you must click where it says “People”, so that the application will show you only the results of those profiles that belong to people.

If the person you are looking for lives near you, click on the “Near you” option on the left side of the screen. You should also look at the profile photo, as there may be many people with the same name and you can end up following the wrong profile if you do not look closely at this aspect.

Search from your Gmail contacts

If you have the person you are looking for in your Gmail contacts, you can make a synchronization to also have it on Twitter. The process requires you to explore your profile settings, but it is nothing to write home about, you will notice that it is quite easy if you follow the steps that we teach you below:

  • Log into your Twitter account and click on your profile picture icon in the upper left corner of the screen, right next to the search bar. Then click on the “Settings and Privacy” option .

  • Now click on the “Find Friends” option . After that you will see that it gives you the option to load your contacts from your Gmail account, as well as from Outlook. Select “Upload Contacts” from the first option.

  • A window will open in which you will have to give permissions to the bird’s social network to access your Gmail contacts. By clicking “Allow”, all users of your Google email who have Twitter will be added to your following list.

Search for suggestions

Another way to get profiles is with the suggestions that the platform itself makes . This is a function that analyzes your search habits, your tastes and even your profiles on other networks to show you people that you may know but have not yet added or followed.

Therefore, if the person you are looking for has tastes in common with you or they have already shared on other networks, this is a good way to find them. To do this you must enter the home section of your account and look on the right side where it says “Who to follow” and click where it says “See all”.

This will show you a wide list of people that you may know or have people in common with. Finding a person in this way is much more complicated than with the previous ones, but it is one of the few options that you have when you do not know the name or user of the individual you are looking for .

Search among those that your contacts follow

This is possibly the last bullet that you have in the bedroom if you have not been able to find that person by any of the means that we have mentioned above. It is quite simple to apply but requires your work and above all patience .

If you have seen that the person you are looking for has shared a photo with an acquaintance or friend that you have on Twitter, it is possible that they both follow each other, so you can enter that profile to see the followers they have and find. This can be a nightmare, depending on the number of followers of the profile you are going to search, but you will have to do it if you want to be successful.

How to find people on Twitter using external applications?

In recent years, all kinds of tools have started to emerge to help you find people on social networks. Next, we are going to teach you how to use Social Searcher, a web application that is quite effective for finding users on almost all social networks.

You just have to follow these steps:

  • You must enter the website
  • You will see a search bar in which you must enter keywords that you think are related to the profile you are looking for. You can filter by mentions, users or conversation topics.

  • Then you must click on where it says “Filter” which are the search filters that allow you to specify the social network, which in this case is Twitter.

  • By applying the latter you will see a list of profiles that have tweeted or that contain the keyword you specified. You simply have to search among all of them for the profile you want and that’s it .

This tool can help you a lot and it is free, although you can pay a subscription. However, it is not foolproof and will require some hard search work on your part.

In addition to this tool there are others that can help you in your mission. Here are 3 others that are also very good and with which you can help yourself to find any profile on Twitter and other social networks.

  • this is a powerful search engine for people on social networks very similar to the one we taught you to use previously. In the same way, you will have to enter the name or a keyword related to the profile you are looking for and then review the results in the hope of finding the right one.
  • another powerful search engine that will help you find people on almost all social networks, or at least the most used ones. However, in this case you will have to know at least the name of the person. It has some very useful filters, such as selecting the country of origin of the profile you are looking for.
  • – This is a search engine that works like a directory, very similar to Google. With it you can find people on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, with a high percentage of success.

Advanced search tricks on Twitter that you probably did not know

Finally, we recommend using the platform’s advanced search, which consists of a series of filters that will help you narrow down the results . What you should do is the following:

  • Enter your search in the corresponding bar.
  • Click on “Search Filters” and then on “Advanced Search.”

  • Fill in the search parameters (location, keywords, date of birth, among others) that you think are necessary to find the profile you want and click “Search”.

After all this you should see a more reduced list of profiles in which the one you want to find should be. If it does not appear, it is possible that the person is simply not registered on Twitter or that you are entering the data in the wrong way .

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