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How to schedule messages on Telegram to be sent automatically

Telegram is one of the most complete messaging applications that exists because it has new functions that other apps are not capable of offering; although it is true that most users are unaware of many secret tricks that the application has, among them we can mention the possibility of scheduling messages. If you do not know how to use this function, in this tutorial you will learn how to program messages in Telegram to be sent automatically.

Steps to schedule messages in Telegram to be sent automatically

Being able to schedule messages to be sent automatically at a certain time and specific day is a great advantage, because you can schedule messages to be sent to a person on their anniversary, birthday, or to remind them of a special event; It is even useful to remind a group of plans for a certain day. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the chat of the person or group in which you want to schedule a message.
  2. In the text box write your message.
  3. Once the message is written, click on the “Send” button (icon of a paper plane) for a few seconds until a small floating menu appears. In the case of Telegram Web you have to right click on the “Send” button.

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  4. Two options will appear in the floating menu, “Schedule message” and “Send without sound”; click on the “Schedule message” option . If this menu does not appear, verify that the Telegram app has the latest update.
  5. Immediately a calendar will appear where you must choose the day and time in which you want your message to be sent.
  6. To finish you must click on the button at the bottom “Send (day and time)”.

Points to keep in mind when scheduling messages on Telegram

The message you have just programmed can be seen by clicking on the calendar-shaped icon in the message box, this icon will only appear when a chat has a message scheduled. By clicking on the calendar-shaped icon you will see the message and at the top a notification indicating the day and time the message will be sent.

The message will be sent automatically on the day and time you scheduled it; It is not necessary to have the Telegram application open, but it is important to be connected to WiFi or mobile data for the message to be sent. When the message is sent, you will receive a notification from Telegram indicating that the message was sent to that user.

If you want to edit, delete, reschedule or send the message you had programmed right now, you can do it, for this you have to go to the “Scheduled messages” window (a calendar icon that is in the message box), click on the message and immediately you will see a floating menu with five options “Send now”, “Copy”, “Edit”, “Reschedule” and “Delete”.

How can you schedule messages to be sent instantly when the user is connected to Telegram? 

  1. Write the message you want to program in the chat of the person or group.
  2. When you have finished writing the message, click on the paper plane icon (“Send”) for a few seconds to bring up a floating menu. 
  3. In this menu you must choose the option “Schedule message”.
  4. You will immediately see on the screen of your mobile, tablet or PC (with a few simple steps you can download Telegram on your PC ) a box with a calendar where you can choose a date and time, but in this case you must click on the three vertical points that They are located in the upper right part of the box.

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  5. By clicking on the three dots, the option “Send when (contact name) is online” will be displayed ; click on that option so that the message will be sent when the contact is back online in Telegram.
  6. When the person receives the message, Telegram will notify you that the message was sent.

If the three points mentioned in step 4 do not appear for said contact it is because the user has disabled the option to see that they are online, if this option is disabled you will not be able to schedule messages to be sent when they are online.

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