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How to schedule messages in telegram to be published when you want it? Step-by-step guide

Over time, Telegram has managed to position itself among one of the best instant messaging apps in the world, thanks to the popularity it has gained since its creation in 2013. In this way, it has a remarkable number of users who On many occasions, they choose to use the service instead of other alternatives such as WhatsApp , for example . In view of the benefits it guarantees.

In this sense, it is characterized by providing a high level of security and privacy, as well as by admitting great customization by each user to optimize their experience and, in addition, it stands out for being a multiplatform service that has a web version, a desktop version and a mobile version. In addition to this, it has certain functions that increase automation in the platform .

One of these functions refers to the possibility of scheduling messages to be published at a specific time. Which, grants different uses and is of great help for all users. So, in this post, we want to show you what you have to do to schedule your Telegram messages on any device .

Learn step by step how to schedule Telegram messages from any of your devices

While it is true, Telegram has managed to distinguish itself from other instant messaging apps for the various functions and tools it includes to guarantee a much more complete experience. One of these utilities consists of the possibility of programming messages easily, which is not yet possible in other services. Thus, a functionality that can be used both in individual and / or group chats .

To meet any objective and even, it is very helpful to get reminders directly in the “Saved Messages” chat . Additionally, it allows you to capture the attention of other users by achieving many more interactions and also offers the advantage of saving time and effort for this. Thus, for these and many other reasons, it is worth learning to program Telegram messages step by step to do it correctly and get the most out of it.

Therefore, below, we explain what you must do on Android and iOS, as well as on your computer and on Telegram Web to do it:

On Android

Fortunately, using an Android mobile phone or tablet, it is very easy to program your Telegram messages to automate your experience from there.

So, next, we show you what you have to do specifically:

  • From the Telegram mobile application , access your account as you normally do.
  • After that, find and select the chat where you want to systematize your new message.
  • Next, in the text box at the bottom of the chat window, proceed to write the message in question .
  • Now, it’s time to hold down the “Send” button for a few seconds and there, two options will appear. Among them, you have to touch on “Schedule message” .
  • After this, at the bottom, they will show you a box where you must indicate the date and time you prefer it to be sent .
  • To finish, all you have to do is press the button that says “Send on (day) of (month) at (time)” and that’s it.

Thus, you will have scheduled your shipment and at the set time, you will automatically receive a notification alerting you of the event .

On iOS

IPhone and iPad users can also schedule their Telegram messages in a very simple and fast way . Of course, making use of the mobile app of the service compatible with this operating system that can be obtained in the Apple Store .

In this case, the steps to follow are:

  • To start, enter the aforementioned app and enter your Telegram account .
  • Now, it is time to choose the chat of the user with whom you want to share a previously programmed message.
  • Once you access the chat in question, proceed to write the message you want in the text box .
  • Next, locate the Send button and keep it pressed for several consecutive seconds .
  • Once this is done, you will be able to see the small menu available there and in it, you have to click on the option “Schedule message” . In the case of iOS, unlike Android, this option is in the second position.
  • Then, set the arrow and the time to schedule for the message in question to be shared.
  • To save the changes made, touch the button at the bottom that indicates the date and / or time set .

In the computer

If you prefer to use the desktop version to manage your Telegram account, it is appropriate that you know the process to follow to program these messages through your computer. Which, for many users, is more comfortable and easier than for others.

In this case, the step-by-step to be specified is based on the following:

  • Open the desktop version of Telegram on your computer and log into your account as you normally do .
  • Second, through the search bar located at the top left, locate the chat of the user to whom you want to send your scheduled message . Or, search for that conversion in the chat panel.
  • Once you enter the indicated conversation, go to the text box at the bottom and write everything you want to share through your new message .
  • Subsequently, right-click on the Send button and through the menu, select the option “Schedule message” .
  • Then, in the box that says “Send this message on …”, you have to choose the specific date and time for the delivery to take place .
  • In case you prefer to send your Telegram message just when the other user is Online, within “Send this message on …”, press the three vertical dots that are in the upper right corner and click on “Send when in line ” .
  • After setting the above, simply click on “Schedule” . That’s all.

On Telegram Web

To avoid having to download and install the Telegram application on their mobile device or on their computer, there are also many people who choose to use the service through its web version known as “Telegram Web” . Therefore, if you are one of these users, it is worth knowing that it is not possible to program the sending of messages specifically.

So, in exchange for that, it only allows you to forward the messages as saved to use them at another time and here, we detail how it is done:

  • Using your preferred web browser, search for Telegram Web and enter the requested information . Thus, they will be able to send you an access code to enter your account with greater security.
  • Once you write the corresponding access code, Telegram Web will automatically grant you access to your account to enjoy the service .
  • After that, proceed to find the chat in which you want to schedule your message . Either through the chats section, through the search bar located in the upper left or by clicking on the Telegram menu to choose “Contacts” and locate it.
  • Now, when you are in the indicated chat, write the message in question from the text box at the bottom.
  • After that, click the Send button to share the message.
  • When it is sent, click on it and choose the “Resend” option . There, select “Saved messages” and in such a way, they will be stored there.

Discover the best external programs to schedule messages in your chats and Telegram channels

Apart from providing the required function to schedule messages in your chats and / or channels, Telegram also supports the possibility of using external programs or applications to do this . Therefore, if you prefer to make use of a third-party alternative instead of using the Telegram option , it is appropriate that you know which programs are suitable for it.

Which is why, here are two recommended solutions:

AutoResponder for Telegram

Free and available in the Google Play Store, it consists of an app for Android that allows you to respond to personalized messages received via Telegram, automatically. Thus, an external bot that has the ability to carry out this task with complete effectiveness . Since, it has numerous settings that each user can customize for their automatic responses, according to their requirements.

Thus, regarding its operation, we highlight that, with the permission granted by Telegram, users can begin to create their first response rule . Well, the free version of Autoresponder for Telegram allows you to configure responses for all the messages you receive or those that include a certain word, in a specific way.

In addition to this, it has other features that are worth knowing, such as: It allows adding multiple responses to a rule, adding a welcome message for new chats, it has a function to reply to all messages, it is capable of replying to messages. specific, admits replacements response (name, time, etc.), has deferred programming can ignore certain contacts or groups, etc .

TForwarder – auto message forwarding for telegram

Basically, it is a mobile app compatible with Android that manages to link with Telegram to provide a better user experience. In this sense, for free, TForwarder shows the ability to forward Telegram messages to certain chats, channels or groups of the application that you select, specifically. Which, manages to do it by keyword or using other filters to meet the needs of each user.

Thus, beyond programming the sending of messages, this mobile app works as a message distribution service that adjusts to any Telegram conversation . In this way, it is useful to minimize the efforts when sharing the same message to different users of the app and thus, provides a great saving of time along with a remarkable efficiency .

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