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How to re-view the profile of someone you rejected or discarded on Tinder – Very easy

The use of the Tinder application can bring you many benefits, such as expanding your circle of friendship, in this way you can get different opportunities to have fun and job opportunities. Like everything in life, this type of application has its disadvantages.

And there is no way to know if the person for whom we are interested is totally sincere about the data visible in their profile and everything they can tell you. It is necessary to take precautions when meeting with another person you met through these applications.

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How to download the Tinder app?

The Tinder app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. And we can find it in any of its application stores totally free, paying a subscription to have access to certain benefits is totally optional.

To start using it, we just have to download the application on any of the iOS or Android devices completely free. After creating our profile we must place or change basic data such as username , age, email, location, a profile photo, among others, we have to place our interests, that is, what we would like from a person and a radius of distance in which we would like it to be and that’s it. After this you can log into Tinder in Spanish through facebook or mobile phone .

Advantages of using Tinder

Among the advantages of using Tinder we can note that our circle of friendship is expanding, because although this application is made to find the love of your life, that does not mean that you cannot meet friends, you can even meet people who offer you opportunities of work. It also gives us the opportunity to express exactly what we are looking for, without wasting a lot of time. I mean the characteristics that we prefer in people.

Another very useful advantage is that the only way to be able to contact us and talk to another person is that we are both interested. Otherwise we will not be able to start a chat. In this way we will save time and avoid losing it to other people. Other than that you can use Tinder and prevent your facebook friends from knowing about it .

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I want to see the profile of someone who rejects or discards on Tinder again

If at the time of using the application you were distracted or a situation occurs, as it usually happens, and you rejected or discarded a profile which you did not want to reject, the truth is that there is no 100% effective and free way to reverse this action, as there are millions of profiles and Tinder makes sure that the ones shown are always different.

However, we can make the possibilities increase and Tinder repeat certain profiles again and among them the one you had discarded reappears.

For this we have to modify in our settings the characteristics of the other users that interest us, so that they try as much as possible to coincide with the description characteristics of the rejected profile. By this we mean adjusting the distance that interests us, trying to match the distance at which you are from that profile and the age range that interests us.

There is another way and a little more radical, it is about permanently deleting our Tinder account and then re-creating it, with the same description data and with the same or perhaps more striking photos, so that in this way the user rejected by mistake , match again with you and you can achieve your match again.

There is also a possibility to completely undo this erroneous action of dismissing a profile, but it is only achieved if you have a paid Tinder subscription. It allows you to go back and undo only your last action, whether it was a like, dislike or superlike.

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