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How to Reply or Quote Specific Messages on Instagram Easily

Thanks to the most recent Instagram updates , now the messaging service has changed to be more dynamic and functional, going from a not so popular system to one of the favorite options of many users of the most popular social networks. And so it is good to understand how to use the service fully.

How to answer, it is very simple

When using the “direct message” service on Instagram there are new options since the 2020 updates, and one of them is being able to reply to specific messages with just one click, which was possible in few applications as it has been. for years on “WhatsApp”. When replying to a message, you just have to follow very simple steps:

  • You have to have Instagram and together with the messaging service both must be updated to the most recent version. Although there may be problems updating the mobile application, so it can be updated from a computer as well .
  • When updating it, you have to open the application and select the Instagram DMs, which are in the upper right corner.
  • Having entered the DMs, you just have to select any chat where there are messages or where you want to send one.
  • When you have already selected a chat, or conversation, it is a matter of sliding your finger to the right side on the other person’s messages, or to the left with your own messages, and the message will have been selected.
  • If you are on a computer, you just have to put the course on top of the message and select the “reply” option in the three points that will appear next to the message.

It should be noted that this option does not work with stories sent to chats, it only works with voice messages, text messages, shared publications and images sent by users. It is not very difficult to understand the system, you only have to use the option a few times and it will be understood quickly.

an example of the application in use

The connection functions on Instagram

Instagram is a versatile social network thanks to the number of features and functions that allow the user to enjoy a very interesting variety of things to do, although it does not forget to maintain its most basic and important aspect, which is to be able to unite people through the use of the internet and its social functions.

The union between contacts

Instagram allows various activities within the application to give a boost to the social life of many, although it also has the particularity of being able to find users in the application that are among the user’s contacts, which works in a similar way to the option of search for contacts on WhatsApp, as it can show users in the tab of possible followed in “people you may know”

Other application options

And we must not forget the great advances that have been made to the messaging service, we must be honest, some are not excited by the idea of ​​having to leave the application to answer messages or send them, so always in a good idea using the courier service.

This direct message service is not so different from others such as WhatsApp or Facebook, since it has interesting things such as knowing the connection status of a person, if that person has seen a message or has heard a voice note , allowing people can follow in the footsteps of their contacts, or worry about the state of their social life.


A last function that is used to analyze is the function of the “stories” or stories, similar to how Snapchat states are, publishing either texts or images or sharing publications for a period of 24 hours, also allowing you to send the stories as a message, in order to also be able to reply to the message.

the application seen from the cell phone

The combination of all factors

The application offers many options, as has been stressed countless times in other media, its position as one of the most popular and varied social networks on the market being a well-deserved one, although it is not a surprise since it has a daily amount of millions of active users that very few other applications enjoy.

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