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How to remove or disable the sound to the Facebook app on Android or iPhone

Sometimes we just want to deactivate the sounds of a particular application, without having to remove all the sounds or notifications from the mobile. Normally, the latter is what we do by not wanting the mobile to ring, activating the do not disturb mode on your mobile. But this is not the only way out, in general, each application has a configuration menu where you can control the sounds it emits, and Facebook is no exception.

Steps to remove sound from Facebook on Android

Many users of the Facebook app do not like that for each “Like” they give to a publication or for each update of the notifications, the mobile phone has to ring. For this reason, many prefer to deactivate all the sounds of the application to use it without those annoyances. And it is simpler than it seems, let’s see how to do it on Android phones.

Set app sound

To do this, enter the Facebook app and press the application menu icon (three horizontal lines) that is located in the upper right part of the screen. In the next menu, find and select the option “Settings and privacy” from the list. Another menu will be displayed where you must select the “Configuration” option. Now, in the window that appears, go to the “Multimedia content and contacts” section.

By clicking on this option you will see a screen with the general settings of the app. In each option you will see a switch to activate / deactivate the function. Go to the line “Sounds in the app”, you will see that it is activated in blue. Press on it and you will see how it deactivates and turns gray. And ready! Now you can use Facebook without annoying sounds for each action you do.

Another thing you can do, if you do not want to completely disable the sound of the Facebook app, but the one that is currently in, you don’t like, you can change the notification sound of the applications  to one that you find less annoying.

Steps to disable Facebook sound on iPhone

If you don’t like your iPhone ringing every time you use Facebook, you can easily deactivate the sound to the app without having to remove all sound from the mobile or activate the silent mode. Follow the steps below and enjoy Facebook without annoying sounds for every “Like”, update, message and notification.

Disable sound of Facebook app

First of all, enter the Facebook application on your iPhone. Then, on the main screen, click on the menu button (three horizontal lines) located in the lower right part. A new screen and a menu will open where you must scroll down and select the “Settings” option .

Within this menu, select the “Sounds” option. Inside you will see an option with a switch to activate or deactivate called “Sound in the application”, If it is in green, it is because the sounds are activated. Press on the switch to deactivate the sounds of the application, it will turn gray. And that’s it!. You will no longer have to hear sounds for every action you do on Facebook.

As you can see, deactivating the sounds in the Facebook app on Android or iOS is very easy. Thanks to this flexibility in settings, the Facebook application remains one of the favorite applications of millions of users. Don’t stop updating your Facebook app to get new features, like putting song lyrics in stories , and adapting them to your needs.

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