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How to put or create subtitles to an online YouTube video that does not have

Creating subtitles for an online YouTube video seems to be one of the dilemmas that many users face, mainly for those who use this tool frequently, either to watch the videos of your favorite ‘Influencers’ or simply any video whatsoever. of your preference.

YouTube, is a platform dedicated to the reproduction of varied content in video format, it is of American origin. In addition to offering users the possibility of enjoying a wide repertoire of movies, music videos, trailers, video blogs, television, it also offers the possibility of listening to music wherever you are, with the ‘YouTube Music’ service.

How to put subtitles on YouTube online videos that don’t have them?

Creating subtitles for an online YouTube video seems to be a very simple task, which benefits millions of users, especially those who speak a different language, or even those who suffer from a hearing impairment. YouTube offers the ability to log in, enjoy varied content, or create content for viewers of this service on any device with an internet connection.

Searching for videos on YouTube channels, from your cell phone , computer or tablet, or doing anything from the application, is very rewarding for video lovers. Never before has a video service been so complete, as YouTube is, and the number of subscribers seems to be growing more and more. 

put create subtitles video online youtube

To create subtitles for an online YouTube video, you can follow a few simple steps, which do not require a great protocol or major complications.

To do this, you must enter ‘YouTube Studio’, in the part where the menu is, press ‘Subtitles’, locate the video you want to edit, drag the mouse to the option ‘Add Languages’. Select the option ‘Subtitles’, and press ‘Write Manually’, play the video while writing the subtitles.

How to create a YouTube account without major complications?

Creating subtitles to an online YouTube video seems to be one of the second things that users do the most, of course the first is to watch videos and share them. Currently, accessing the network from any device is very easy, since absolutely everyone, or at least most, has a smart device, be it a phone, computer or tablet.

Millions of users view and share videos daily, there are multiple digital platforms that host countless varied content, the most important comes from the company ‘Google Inc’, with more than 20 years in the market, this has occupied a very important space in the services used by its users.

To create an account on YouTube, you just have to bear in mind that being a service from ‘Google’, you must have an account on that platform, and log in to YouTube, but if you don’t have a ‘Google’ account, go to top right of the ‘Google’ search bar and you ‘Click’ on ‘Login’, locate the ‘Create Account’ section, fill in the data and follow the instructions, go to the ‘’ page and that’s it.

Advantages of the YouTube digital video platform

Creating subtitles for an online YouTube video is one of the benefits of this social video viewing network. The power of human relationship has crossed all kinds of borders, since the creation of the internet and the platforms found in it. However, the possibility of being seen or located seems to grow continuously. 

put subtitles to a video that you do not have on youtube

Many users want, on their own, to make themselves known worldwide, to make their way to fame and the possibility of earning a lot of money through it. However, fame and success do not come alone, as you have to look for them, and it seems that ‘YouTube’ is one of the tools to achieve it.

Another benefit of this incredible tool is the ability to communicate opinions in each video that is in it, its storage capacity is incredible, and with a bit of luck and some little tricks you can download videos of any kind, just you must choose the material of your preference.

It offers the possibility of interacting with other users, through the opinions they publish, liking many videos and subscribing to the channels you want.

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