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How to put bold in my twitter tweets to make my posts more attractive? Step by step guide

Twitter is a social network in which messages can be communicated in a few words, due to the limitation regarding the number of characters that can be used. It is a very interesting place where news media converge, along with users from all over the world.

Here it is very common for interesting discussions to be generated regarding a certain topic . Therefore, taking advantage of resources that help highlight the letters can be very effective when you want to communicate a message more efficiently.

In this opportunity, we will talk about how to put bold on Twitter, to make your publications much more attractive. Follow this step-by-step guide!

What are the benefits of using bold in my Twitter posts?

As we indicated previously, on Twitter users can express an opinion in small fragments, because they have a limit in terms of the number of words in each publication . In addition, these messages can be accompanied by videos, images, GIFs and other resources.

In this sense, personalizing the texts can be an excellent idea to highlight a specific part or to emphasize it . Hence, the importance of taking advantage of the possibility of incorporating bold, italic and other font customization resources.

In this way, with the editing of the texts , the aim is to highlight specific parts of the text to improve the reach of the tweets and attract the attention of other users much better.

Learn step by step how to put bold in your Twitter tweets

In the first place, it should be clarified that to be able to put bold in your tweets you must make use of specific tools, because on Twitter you will not be able to do it.

It is a very simple procedure and you will have ready with a few steps:

  • Choose any text format converter on the Internet that you want. In this case, we will do it through the Bedazzle extension available in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Install the extension on your computer.
  • Go to your Twitter account .
  • Enter the box to write a new post.
  • When you write what you want to post you will notice that the Tweets editor has changed, and now the words “Bedazzle It” are displayed . If you click on them, the options to customize fonts are displayed .
  • Select the part of the text to which you will place the bold .
  • In the Bedazzle It options , choose bold .
  • When the text is the way you want it, publish it and you’re done.

List of the best online tools to put bold in your tweets

On the Internet, you can get different online tools that allow you to personalize your texts for different social networks. They not only include the function of placing bold, but also italics, adding a different font, etc.

However, before you proceed to use them, you should know that in some cases these resources look good depending on the browser you are using . This means that if you view it on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, some styles will probably not be visible .

With this in mind, we indicate which are the best online tools to make your tweets bold:

Unicode Text Converter

It is one of the most popular and secure on the Internet. One of the reasons that makes this tool stand out above others is that it offers many varieties of formats with which you can include italics, bold, add effects to the letters, change the font type and much more.

All you have to do is write the text you want in the text box, select the format you want, copy that format and paste it into Twitter . Then you just have to publish it and that’s it.

This is another of the useful tools that you have access to on the Internet to personalize your texts for social networks . It is super simple and intuitive.

What you must do is enter the web and write your text in the box that appears at the top. Then, select the section to customize and choose the options of your preference.

These options are:

  • Serif
  • Handwritten
  • Ancient
  • Italics
  • Bold font

You can see the results of the procedure in the lower blue box . You copy said text, paste it on Twitter and everything will be ready.

It is another of the websites in which you can transform a common text into bold and use it within your publications for social networks.

To carry out the procedure, enter your page and scroll down to the section that says “Your text . Once there, write what you want to share.

Select the part of the text to modify . Then, choose the options available in the list below . Finally, copy the format and paste it on Twitter . In addition, it offers you a preview with which you can check if the format is as you wish.

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