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How to put a link or link in the biography or Instagram stories

There are different ways to link on Instagram. One of the most important aspects in this regard is the drawback that the default function to leave links in stories is reserved for users with a verified account or with more than 10,000 followers. However, the option of placing links in the biography is something that any user can do regardless of whether or not it is verified by the platform.

On the other hand, there are several tricks to place links in Instagram stories without having to be verified, with which you can redirect your followers to the website you want. In the next post, the different options that exist will be shown and so you choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, you will know the link menu services with which you can take advantage of the alternative of placing the link in the biography.

In the biography

Anyone can place a link or redirect link to an external location in the Instagram bio. For this, you do not need to have a verified account or a specific number of followers. The platform has this free space for you to place links to your website, therefore, you will simply have to do the following:

  1. First, enter your profile and click on ” Edit profile “. This button is below your photo and info in the bio.
  2. Next, modify the ” Website ” field by clicking on it and typing or pasting the text you need. Click on the check symbol in the upper right corner when you are done.

Note: The procedure is the same in both the mobile application and its web version.

By completing these two simple steps, you will have placed the link of your choice in the Instagram bio. Just go to it to check that your followers can now see this link.

In the stories

Inserting a link in an Instagram story with a verified account is pretty straightforward. In this section you will know the basic process to follow, but you should consider that this procedure is only valid for those who have this option enabled. If you are one of these users, do the following:

  1. Create a story on your Instagram.
  2. Then press the link button, which is similar to interlocking chains. This is located next to the stickers.
  3. When you do this, you will see a new window appear where you will have the option to enter the URL to which you want to redirect users. After entering the address, confirm the operation by pressing the check symbol.
  4. Afterwards, you will only have to publish your story normally.

Tricks for unverified accounts

As already mentioned, you can only place links on Instagram story for free if you have a verified account. For this reason, in this section we will mention some tricks for unverified accounts, which you can use to get more out of the platform.

Video on IGTV

By posting videos on IGTV, you will be able to link them to your channel without problem. This offers the opportunity to put links in the Instagram story for free and without being verified. First, you will link to Swipe up the video on IGTV, and in this location you can leave a link for the address you want in the description. To achieve this, go through the process described below:

  1. Record a video to post on IGTV with a minimum duration of 1 minute. In this it is recommended to explain something related to the site to which you want to redirect your followers. In addition, it is advisable to indicate to users that they can click on the title and the link that you will leave in the description. These are located at the top of the screen when it has already been published.
  2. Open Instagram, go to the search section and click on ” IGTV “.
  3. Once in this space, click on the plus icon (+) to create a new publication.
  4. You must select a video from your gallery and press ” Next ” to confirm. You will also have the option to choose a specific frame for the cover of the video, just click ” Next ” again.
  5. You will see a field where you can place the title and description. In the latter, proceed to enter the link of the site to which you want your followers to go. When you’re done, hitPost to IGTV.”
  6. Now, you will have to create a story. To do thi
    , select the Plus icon (+) at the beginning of the app or simply click on ” Your story.”
  7. Then, click on the ” HISTORY ” tab and create it.
  8. You can write whatever you want, but it is recommended that you instruct the user to swipe up or SWIPE UP. Press the link icon on the left side of the download arrow for more options.
  9. You will see the video published on IGTV, select it and click on the verification symbol to insert.
  10. Next, you should publish in your story as you normally would.

After that, what users will see in the story is the option to Swipe up and this will redirect them to an IGTV video. In this, they will find the indication to click on the link that you left in the video description.

Mention your profile

An excellent option to use Instagram stories and redirect other users is by placing a mention of your own profile. In doing so, you must tell the person to look for the link in your bio. In this location, you can place the link you want without any inconvenience.

Instagram advertising

Outside of the previously mentioned aspects, it is possible to place links in your stories if you are paying for advertising on the same platform. These are the well-known Swipe Up, in which the user simply has to slide his finger from the bottom of the screen up to be redirected to the page or website that you indicate.

Using link menu services

Temporary links in the bio are an excellent solution to the difficulty of not being able to place links in the story. However, if you want to direct users to different sites permanently, it will be difficult to have only one space for the link. Link menu services are a good alternative to solve this problem.

The aforementioned services will allow you to post several options in the same link and there are several web pages where you can obtain them. Some of the most recommended to leave links to your followers on Instagram, are the following:


This web tool is one of the most popular due to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. In it you can show a list of buttons that redirect users who click on the link in your biography to different websites. You can even customize the colors to match the ones you use on your Instagram profile. To check it, create an account by following thislink to the official site.

Dash hudson

This option is similar to LinkTree, but the format that it presents to users is that of a wall of publications, very similar to that of Instagram. A great option if you want content that visually resembles your Feed on this social network. Plus, you have content management options like post scheduling.

To get Dash Hudson use the followinglink to the official website. You will also have the option to download the mobile application, which is availableAndroid or
font style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>iOS.

Dash hudson
Developer: Pathmata Networks Inc.
Price: Free

This is a service that visually resembles Dash Hudson, as it handles a post format. But it differs because it allows you to place links in videos or carousels visible on the platform. You can even integrate Shopify with this tool if you need it. To learn more about and get it, follow thislink to the official site.


IgLink serves to convert the links you place in the description of the photos into links that users can click to be redirected to the site you indicate. It is a very simple tool that will also allow you to simplify the user experience, compared to the previously mentioned options. To use it, you directed the followinglink.

Link In Profile

This option will allow you to convert the links in the images into redirect links. Additionally, it has the function of collecting data related to the performance of your account on Instagram, in order to measure the effectiveness of Link In Profile. If you wish, you can go to the official website using thislink.


This is a very popular and recommended tool. However, you must go Premium to get the link feature on Instagram. Like some of the options mentioned above, it will direct the user to a feed with images that will contain the previously configured link.

To go to the official Metricool site use thislink. If you want to download the Android mobile application you must follow this link to the Play Store, instead for iOS you can use the followinglink to the App Store.

Metricool for social networks
Developer: Metricool
Price: Free

Developer: Metricool Software SL
Price: Free

This is a short guide, but extremely loaded with useful information. It not only contains the step-by-step tutorial of the conventional method, but also includes various tips, tricks and tools to avoid the limitations of the platform.

As you have seen, there are different alternatives to put links in the biography or Instagram story. You will have more conventional methods, as well as you will have specialized services in the area. It is best to try several of these and choose the one that best suits your particular needs.

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