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How to position a video in youtube trends? Step by step guide

Currently, one of the fastest ways to become known is not through movies and TV, but through social media . The dream of many young people is to become Influencers on Instagram, trending topic on Twitter, go viral on TikTok or be a trend on YouTube .

Some celebrities hire specialists and advertising agencies to build a large following . However, it is possible to create content that will become a trend on our own.

In the next post, you will learn all about how to make your YouTube trending videos and thereby become an internet star.

What are the benefits of being a trend on YouTube?

Without a doubt, getting a video to meet the trends of the platform is a great achievement. In addition, it will allow you to exponentially increase visits and add many followers . This is because it is not a personalized recommendations tab like the main page. Instead, it shows the same videos and lists to all users in the same country or region. In this sense , videos of different languages ​​are likely to appear on this list .

Also, it is important to mention that this catalog is updated every 15 minutes . So the permanence and position of each video is quite dynamic. In addition to all of the above, the trends tab has no preferences for particular creators . Advertisers do not influence either, so it is a great opportunity for any user to explode in popularity. And if you do not yet have a monetized channel, appearing in the trends would mean a significant jump to obtain an economic benefit .

What do I need for my video to be considered a trend?

The first thing you should know is that YouTube takes its community policies very seriously . In other words, if your video contains misleading, sensational content or any other infringement, it will be impossible to enter trends. But that is not enough. Since the algorithm that positions the videos in this list takes into account the number of visits, but above all the speed of their growth .

Also, as we mentioned before, they are filtered by countries and regions, so the number of views varies accordingly. However, as a reference, we can say that with 100,000 visits per day you will be able to reach the Top 5 in an average country (that number should double in regions like India). The interaction of users with said content is also essential . In other words, comments and shares are essential . To achieve this and get to the trends, we have some recommendations for you.

Learn step by step what are the best strategies to be a trend on YouTube

Since there are various factors that can influence the algorithm that decides trending videos, the ways to achieve this are also varied .

In the following list we will show you the most successful:

Invest money

While it is the least cost-effective method, it is also the simplest . In the case that it is not a personal motivation, but that you are representing a commercial brand or organization. Hire an ad agency, publisher, or invest in making content go viral on other platforms .

Work with dedication and perseverance

As we mentioned before, the number and acceleration of visits are important factors to position yourself among the trends. But so is seniority . So if the content of your publications is striking, you have great possibilities . It just takes a little patience.

Use all the tools at your fingertips

Within the site you can find valuable information to analyze the data obtained in response to your videos and draw the relevant conclusions. We are talking about YouTube  Analytics . Where you will obtain the necessary information to know more about your audience and maximize the level of interaction with it.

Create eye-catching thumbnails

You can use what is known as a “pattern break . This refers to standing out from the rest. As you may have noticed, many of these images look like each other and share the same style, even if they are from different channels. It is because creators use similar resources to rank. However, to stand out the most important thing is to be different . For this reason, we recommend that you create a different thumbnail and break the visual pattern of the list.

Title intelligently

Use phrases that other users are looking for. You can “get inspired” by titles from other popular trends, enhance them by adding capital letters and callouts in the right places.

Long tail tags

You wonder what this is. This is a trick widely used by expert YouTubers . It consists of choosing a theme and using the search bar as a reference to find which are the most popular phrases that accompany searches. In this way, they use them as tags for their own videos.

Ask your visitors to subscribe

It would be useless to be positioned in the trends if you do not generate subscribers. For that reason, inside the video add subscription buttons and invite users to press it . Use end screens with the information necessary for them to do so. You can also place a link in the description that leads directly to the subscription confirmation .

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