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How to pin a tweet on the Twitter timeline

The millions of tweets that are published daily on Twitter make any publication has a very short view, even within your own profile. So setting a tweet on the timeline is necessary on certain occasions, as it is a sure way to “keep alive” the message that the post contains. However, how to do it? Should you use any program or extension of the app?

The answer to the above questions is no. To set any tweet within the platform’s timeline, you simply have to use the options available in the publication in question. This will ensure that the post stays on a specific site. It will remain there even if you continue to post during the day and even immediately after doing that action. Keep reading this post to know more about it and learn how to do it.

Pin and unpin a tweet

Since you do not need any additional program or extension to Twitter to post tweets on the timeline, the first step will be to enter your account within the platform. Then you must decide if you want to bookmark a post you already made or a new one. In case your option is the second, you will have to write and publish the tweet in question. Then follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Click on the arrow icon located in the upper right corner of the tweet.
  2. Select ” Pin on your profile ” from the list of alternatives.
  3. Confirm your decision by pressing ” Set ” again.
  4. Now you can view your tweet at the beginning of your timeline. To make sure of this go to your profile.

With these simple steps you will be able to mark the publication you want. In case you want to fix a tweet that has already been published, what you should do is look for it within your chronology and repeat the process mentioned above.

Now, if for any reason you marked a tweet by mistake and you want to reverse this action, you can do it in simple steps. To do this you will have to search among the tweets posted on your wall, the one you want to unset. Then click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the publication to display the options menu.

Next, you will see the option “ Unfix from profile ”. Click on it and confirm your decision in the next window that will open. With this, the publication will return to its place of origin, according to the date it was published.

Pin tweets from other users

Unfortunately this is an option that is not available. Only the owners of each account can post their own tweets. So you should expect the profiles you follow to be as careful with their information as you are. Otherwise, you will have to search their timeline until you find the content you want.

What is a pinned tweet

Although at this point the definition of ” Pinned Tweet ” would seem obvious, it is important to clarify what this is about. Tweets that are highlighted or flagged at the beginning of the Twitter profile are special posts. These are typically used to pin important content so it doesn’t get lost on the timeline.

Why pinning tweets is important

Previously, it was a real challenge to find publications in the Twitter timeline, especially in accounts with powerful and information management, such as national television stations or newspapers. That is why the social network implemented the option of setting tweets on the timeline to offer its users the possibility of marking important messages on their profile.

In this sense, the importance of this function lies in highlighting the most important tweets. Either because they are a trend or because they represent a topic that you do not want to miss on your Twitter timeline.

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