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How to open or create a secret chat in Telegram with my Android

Telegram is another application that its use is intensifying worldwide and there are many users who are understanding with this instant messaging platform . It is for this reason that we want to show you a little trick that will allow you to open or create a secret chat on Telegram.

If you have used this application, you may realize that it bears a resemblance to another platform that enjoys great acceptance among its followers and that is WhatsApp . But, it has other functions that do not have any application. This gives it a great advantage, in front of its peers, as is the case with secret chat.

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How to open or create a secret chat in Telegram with my Android

First of all and before entering the matter, we are going to define what is a secret Chat in Telegram and this is nothing more than a method, which uses the platform so that the messages that are sent cannot be read by anyone, including Telegram . And this message can only be accessed by the sender and the recipient.

These messages can also be programmed to self-destruct, so the messages sent with this feature will disappear after a certain time. As you can see, this application has features that no other instant messaging platform can offer its users.

To start you must enter the application and you will go to the upper right part of the screen. There you will find the three-point icon, press on it and several options will appear and you must choose New secret chat. It is also possible to create a secret chat on iPhone devices .

Once this is done, you must now search for the contact with whom you want to establish the conversation, this can be done directly or also by using the magnifying glass icon that the application offers you. Once you have located it, you select it and then you have to wait for the other person to contact you, in order to start the secret Chat.

Meanwhile you can see on the screen of your Android device, a message that shows you what characteristics these secret chats have. They use mobile-to-mobile encryption, They do not leave a trace on our servers, They have self-destruction of messages, They do not allow message forwarding. And you will continue to see the message Waiting for … to connect.

When the other person has connected, you can send messages through the secret Chat that has been started. You can realize that the conversation will flow like any other that you have previously made on Telegram.

How to activate message self-destruction in a secret Chat

When you have opened or created a secret Telegram Chat with your Android, you can schedule so that your messages self-destruct after a period of time. You can do this to avoid leaving any trace of the conversation you just had. To do this you are going to go to the top of your screen, being in the secret Chat.

And there you will find an icon in the form of a stopwatch, you must press it and the Self-destruction options will appear. 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and Cancel. Once you have chosen the option of your preference, it will be reflected in the stopwatch icon, indicating that the self-destruction has been activated.

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And in this way the messages that you sent in the secret chat will be destroyed, in the time that you established for it. In a very simple way we have explained the steps you must take to know how to open or create a secret chat in Telegram with my Android.

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